1987 in video gaming

1987 in video gaming


Notable releases

* Capcom releases the "Street Fighter" arcade game, the first in a long series of games.
* Namco releases "Wonder Momo", which is their last 8-bit game, "Yokai Douchuuki", which is their first 16-bit game, "Dragon Spirit", "Blazer", "Quester", "Pac-Mania", "Galaga '88" and "Final Lap".
* Konami Corporation releases "Metal Gear" in Japan, as well as "Castlevania" and "Contra". All three games were the beginning of some of Konami's most popular franchises.
* Nintendo releases "The Legend of Zelda" in America and Europe, the first of one of their longest-running and most popular series of games.
* Nintendo releases in January for the Famicom Disk System in Japan only. The game would go unreleased in America for nearly two years afterwards.
* Taito Corporation releases the "Double Dragon" arcade game, the first in a long series of games.
* Squaresoft's Hironobu Sakaguchi releases "Final Fantasy" for the Famicom in Japan. This was originally intended to be the company's last game, since it was facing bankruptcy, but the game's major success allowed them to turn it into a prolific series ironically titled "Final Fantasy". It was released in the U.S.A. 3 years later.
* LucasArts releases "Maniac Mansion", the first game to use the SCUMM engine, innovating the point-and-click interface for the adventure game genre.
* Capcom releases the first "Mega Man" game in the long-standing series for the NES/Famicom.
* FTL Games releases "Dungeon Master".
* Incentive Software releases "Driller" a milestone in 3D gaming and a precursor to modern first-person 3D games.
* Ocean Software releases "Head Over Heels", an isometric arcade adventure, to critical acclaim and huge popularity.
*Sega releases "Phantasy Star" on the Sega Master System, it was one of the first RPGs to have a Sci-Fi/Fantasy setting and also the first to bear a female protagonist.


* Namco develops the Namco System 1 arcade system board.
* At the end of the year, Namco also releases the Namco System 2 arcade system board.
* October 30 — NEC releases the PC Engine console in Japan.
* Acorn releases the Acorn Archimedes home computer, which brought the game "Zarch" (later known on other platforms as Virus) to prominence.
* Atari Corp. releases the XE Game System (XEGS) home console.
* Sega Master System released in Japan.
* The VGA standard developed for IBM's new PS/2 line gave the PC the potential for 256-color graphics.
* AdLib set an early defacto standard for sound cards with its card based on the Yamaha YM3812 sound chip. (This would last until the introduction of Creative Labs' Sound Blaster in 1989.)


* New companies: Maxis, Gametek Inc., Apogee Software, Ltd., Empire Interactive PLC
* Activision acquires Infocom.
* Electronic Arts acquires Batteries Included.
* Electric Transit closes.
* Warner Communications' Atari Games establishes the Tengen division.
* Nintendo of America, Inc. v. Blockbuster Entertainment lawsuit: Nintendo sues Blockbuster for photocopying complete NES manuals for its rental games. Nintendo wins the suit, and Blockbuster includes original manuals with its rentals.
* SSI President Joel Billings acquires the license to the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game, setting the stage for the Gold Box line of D&D games.

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