Alfonso II, Count of Provence

Alfonso II, Count of Provence

Alfonso II ( 1174-1 Dec,1209) was the second son of Alfonso II of Aragon and Sancha of Castile. His father transferred the County of Provence from his uncle Sancho to him in 1185. Alfonso II was born in Barcelona, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

In 1193, Alfonso married Gersenda II of Sabran, daughter of Rainou, Count of Forcalquier and Gersend of Forcalquier. They had a child who became Ramon Berenguer IV as count of Provence.

According to explanations in the manuscripts of Gaucelm Faidit's poems, Alfonso was a rival of the troubadour's for the love of Jourdaine d'Embrun. ["Biographies des troubadours" ed. J. Boutière, A.-H. Schutz (Paris: Nizet, 1964) pp. 187-191.]

Alfonso II died in Palermo, Sicily, Italy.


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