ISO 19136

ISO 19136

ISO 19136 Geographic information – Geography Markup Language,is a standard from the family ISO - of the standards for geographic information (ISO 191xx). It resulted from unification of the Open Geospatial Consortia definitions and Geography Markup LANGUAGE (GML) with the ISO-191xx-Normen.

Earlier versions of GML were not ISO conformal (GML 1, GML 2) with GML version 3.1.1.ISO conformity means in particular that GML is now also an implementation of ISO 19107.

The Geography Markup Language (GML) is an XML encoding in compliance with ISO 19118for the transport and storage of geographic information modelled according to the conceptualmodelling framework used in the ISO 19100 series and including both the spatial and nonspatialproperties of geographic features. This specification defines the XML Schema syntax,mechanisms, and conventions that:
* Provide an open, vendor-neutral framework for the definition of geospatial applicationschemas and objects;
* Allow profiles that support proper subsets of GML framework descriptive capabilities;
* Support the description of geospatial application schemas for specialized domainsand information communities;
* Enable the creation and maintenance of linked geographic application schemas anddatasets;
* Support the storage and transport of application schemas and data sets;
* Increase the ability of organizations to share geographic application schemas and theinformation they describe.

It is related to:
* ISO 19103 – Conceptual Schema Language (units of measure, basic types),
* ISO 19108 – Temporal schema (temporal geometry and topology objects, temporal reference systems),
* ISO 19109 – Rules for application schemas (features),
* ISO 19111 – Spatial referencing by coordinates (coordinate reference systems),
* ISO 19123 – Coverages

* [ Fact Sheet 19136]
* [ ISO/TC 211 Geographic information/Geomatics]

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