List of characters in The Amory Wars

List of characters in The Amory Wars

This is a list of characters in The Amory Wars series.

Recurring characters

* Coheed Kilgannon (The Beast) - Husband of Cambria and harbors the Monstar virus, which, when triggered, causes the cooling of the star transformers that hold planets in the Keywork. Spikes can protrude from his right arm and his left arm is robotic, turning into some kind of cannon. Previously a member of K.B.I. While the circumstances of death are unknown, Sanchez has revealed that Coheed is dead by the end of "The Second Stage Turbine Blade".
* Cambria Kilgannon (The Knowledge) - Wife of Coheed, and possesses some type of psychic or clairvoyant ability. Previously a member of K.B.I. While the circumstances of death are unknown, Sanchez has revealed that Cambria is dead by the end of "The Second Stage Turbine Blade".
* Claudio Kilgannon (The Character, The Crowing) - Son of Coheed & Cambria and the only known survivor of his family. He has met his 'uncle' Jesse and together the two plan to destroy Heaven's Fence and kill Wilhelm Ryan. The Prise "Ambellina" educates Claudio that he is also The Crowing, a messiah who will save the souls of the Keywork by destroying it, however he is not willing to accept this fate until the climax of Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV Vol.1: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness.
* Jesse Kilgannon (The Inferno) - Although commonly referred to as Coheed's 'brother', Jesse (like Coheed) is an IRO-bot. Created in a visual likeness of Dr. Hohenberger. Jesse is leading the war against Wilhelm Ryan as the leader of the rebels. He was created with the purpose to destroy Wilhelm Ryan, and continues to fight until the day he dies. The third member of K.B.I., Jesse is said to have created five new IRO-bots. Jesse (Inferno) is the only one who knows the truth of everything that has happened so far in the story. He is killed on the surface of Apity Prime (Omega System) by Mayo Deftinwolf. Jesse is also a Boxer and goes by the name of "The Prize Fighter Inferno". After he is killed, he resurrects on present day Earth to narrate the story of The Amory Wars, but first, he has to tell the story of "My Brother's Blood Machine.
* Ambellina - A Prise. Ambellina burns her wings off at the order of the other Prise so as to be more Human. She is sent to guide Claudio Kilgannon to his destiny as The Crowing. Like the rest of the Prise, her mission was to watch over the Keywork, and see that God's will was carried out. She is based upon the character Erica Court and represents the future the Writer could have had with Erica. She is gruesomely murdered by the Writer at the end of Good Apollo through being flung into a spear in order for Claudio to become the Crowing and save the Keywork.
* Apollo - Newo Ikkin's pet dog who later appears in the real world to The Writer.
* Chase (The Vishual) - An IRO-Bot built by Jesse, she has the ability to hear the Writer as he writes the story, and she gives hints to the characters about the future- sometimes in cryptic messages, or directly telling them. She has a body of a 4 year old, and the mind of a mid-20 year old. She is also "the one they call the vision that bears the gift", as mentioned in Silent Earth 3.
* Sizer - First appearance is next to a character who is in fact Chase (since it shows Jesse talking to Chase and saying her name) at the beginning of the first Second Stage Turbine Blade Comic. He is described as a hulk-like creature and in the Good Apollo graphic novel, we see a man missing an eye who transforms into a huge beast which is believed to be Sizer. During In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3, Sizer gives up his life to save Chase and is torn apart on Shylos 10, and rebuilt by Claudio Kilgannon. In the upcoming "Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume Two: No World for Tomorrow" book, it is said by Claudio that Sizer will have more of a central role and is in fact more involved in "In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3" than most people have come to speculate and believe. In the comic, Sizer is located in the middle.
* Wilhelm Ryan - The Supreme Tri-Mage of Heaven's Fence. He ordered his top general Mayo Deftinwolf and his army to invade a neighboring sector of the Keywork, ruled by the Mage Covent Marth, and take the territory by force. The other mage demanded Ryan to withdraw his troops, and when he refused by killing Marth, so began the War of the Mages. He came out victorious and took 8 of the remaining mages and turned them into the blood thirsty Onstatine Priests. He and Deftinwolf now are in progress of using the Knowledge and the Beast (Coheed and Cambria) in a plot to rid of the threat to his rule that is Mariah Antillerea.
* General Mayo Deftinwolf - Ryan's Top General- Mayo does all his dirty work. He orchestrated the deaths of Coheed, Cambria, and the Kilgannon children, and ultimately kills Inferno on the surface of Apity Prime in hand to hand combat. Assembled by Gyatronic Technologies Inc. and issued to Ryan during The Second Era (before the Mage War), Deftinwolf was the first Z Class cybernetic organism of its kind. This cyborg was an amalgamation of the defensive traits of the G10 and Y series, fused to create an organism suitable for the military rank and combat. Through years of training and programming, Deftinwolf was positioned as General to what would later be known as the United Red Army (URA).
*Admiral Vielar Crom- A tall intimidating character who shadows over Deftinwolf and appears to have more military power and seems to be of high intelligence. He makes his debut in The Second Stage Turbine Blade and seems to appear in No World For Tomorrow. In the first half of The Second Stage Turbine Blade, Admiral Crom is appointed to pursue the Gloria Vel Vessa and take over Deftinwolf's post after Coheed and Cambria commandeered the ship. He wears a special armor that is capable of absorbing various kinds of energy from the area around him.
*The Onstantine Preists - Technically "Zombie-fied" Mages of Yesteryear. After the War of the Mages Wilhelm Ryan had taken 8 of the Mages and created blood thirsty monsters whose main role was to patrol the Keywork in search of "The Crowing." The super human abilities of these monsters range from levitation and shape shifting to physical self-rejuvenation; most clearly demonstrated in Issue III of The Amory Wars. The arrival or sign of presence for the preists is appropriately accompanied with a high-pitched screech easily recognizable whenever or wherever heard.
*Mariah Antillerea - Mariah Antillerea is a very mysterious character, and little is known. She was believed to be conceived immaculately on a riverbank. She was raised by a group of men called the Tra-Nuvis Monks. She is also believed to be a mage sent by God to overthrow Wilhelm Ryan. She currently resides on the desert planet Dil-Ariuth IX of Sector 12 among the monks. She is Jesse's wife and leads the human resistance against the Red Army.
* Michael - Pilot of the Grail Arbor, Jesse's ship. In the comic he is located on the left, next to Sizer. Named after Michael Todd of the band Coheed and Cambria.

My Brother's Blood Machine

* Cecilia Marie McCloud - The main character of "My Brother's Blood Machine". Her father molests her repeatedly; eventually she can't take it anymore and tries to convince Johnny to leave with her. She takes her twin brothers with her, but can't talk Johnny into accompanying her. She ends up running away with the twins into the woods, where she meets the Bleam family.
*The McCloud Boys - Cecilia's twin brothers with whom she runs off into the woods.
*Sir Arthur McCloud - The father of Cecilia and the McCloud boys.
*Martha McCloud - Arthur's wife.
*Johnny Early - Cecilia's love interest. She wants him to runaway with her and her two brothers; however, he doesn't leave.
*Moses Early - Most likely, the father of Johnny Early.
*The Bleam Family - Long-Arm & Butchie are two brothers in a horrific sort of "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" family. Cecilia McCloud meets them in the woods. Their mother, insane, tells her two sons that God has come to her with a higher calling for you — they need to be the new Death. With this, tells them that they have to go out and collect souls for God. The family's patriarch, a methemphetamine addict, dismembers his wife when he catches her pinching from his stash, and her death sends the Bleam boys on a downward spiral toward complete madness.
*Gunner Recall - The local crazy man, mocked by the village because no one believes that he can see Wayne Andrews' ghost.
*Wayne Andrews - A beekeeper when alive, Wayne is dead; apparently, Gunner Recall is the only person who can see his ghost.

The Second Stage Turbine Blade

* Josephine Kilgannon - Oldest child of Coheed and Cambria and fiance of Patrick McCormick. Assaulted and raped by the gang, Jersey City Devils and then murdered by Coheed after he was deceived by Mayo. Actually an IRO-Bot created by Jesse to serve as the antidote to Coheed's Monstar virus. Possesses a telepathic link with Cambria.
* Maria Kilgannon - Child of Coheed and Cambria. Twin of Matthew and poisoned by Coheed after he was deceived by Mayo.
* Matthew Kilgannon - Child of Coheed and Cambria. Twin of Maria and poisoned by Coheed after he was deceived by Mayo.
* Newo Ikkin - Claudio's girlfriend/love interest. The name is based upon a former girlfriend of Claudio Sanchez, Nikki Owen (Reversed spelling). She is based upon the character Erica Court and represents the past that the Writer had with Erica.
* Longcindia* - Speculation exists as to whether or not Chase created him herself. Longcindia was a malfunctioning IRO-Bot created before The Second Stage Turbine Blade album. Shortly after his creation, Jesse incinerated him in front of Chase and Sizer. It is later explained that he was killed because there is no room for error in the final battle.
* Patrick McCormack - Josephine's fiance who witnesses her murder. After fleeing from the Kilgannon's residence upon seeing Josephine die, Patrick is pursued by an Onstantine Priest which kills him (which takes place in the song 33).
* Dr. Leonard Hohenberger - The scientist responsible for the creation of the IRO-Bots Jesse, Coheed, and Cambria. He implanted the Monstar virus in Coheed, and was later killed by Coheed. General Mayo Deftinwolf refers to him as a "terrorist", but this is suspect as Mayo's intentions are known to be malicious. Hohenberger may have known of Detinwolf's plan and created Coheed and the Monstar virus in an attempt to stop him.
*Paranoia - A little known Prise who worked with Dr. Leonard Hohenberger in the creation of the KBI. In The Amory Wars, she leads 5 other Prise to visit Mariah on the harsh terrain of the desert planet of Dil-Ariuth IX in Sector 12 in protective suits with air modifiers for them to breathe. The monks and Mariah are confused as to why they have traveled so far to visit her.
* Dr. Sirius Amory - He is an astronomer and scientist who is credited as the discoverer of the Keywork. The Stars of Sirius are named after him, and evidently the title, The Amory Wars, is taken from his last name.
* Star Cecil - See 'The Star' in List of miscellanea in The Amory Wars
* The Hearshot Kid - See 'The Star' in List of miscellanea in The Amory Wars

* Al The Killer - A Han Solo type character, Al is a racist psychopath, who kills young white women. He captains the Starship "The Camper Velorium". Little more is known about Al The Killer since no graphic novel or interview by Claudio has stated any other information about the character. Al and his ship are used by Claudio, Jesse, and Ambellina as a transport on their way to House Atlantic (during "A Favor House Atlantic") in an attempt to destroy it and Wilhelm Ryan. The plan is foiled as Al is upset at Ambellina's rejection of his love and hands them over to Wilhelm. At the last second, Al turns once more and out of his love for her gives them a chance to escape by covering them with fire from his sniper rifle, the Faint of Hearts. He says "Bye, bye beautiful don't bother to write" in the song A Favor House Atlantic to make it clear that he doesn't think he'll survive the firefight.
* Travis - Again, little to nothing is known about this character. He is possibly viewed in the Good Apollo graphic novel next to Sizer. His arms are covered in spikes, and he has corn rows on his head. In the comic he is located on the right of Sizer. Named after Travis Stever of the band Coheed and Cambria.
* The Navigator, The Pilot, Her Favorite - 3 IRO-bot children mention in Silent Earth 3. It is assumed that The Navigator and The Pilot, and Her Favorite (said to be Mariah's favorite child). Later discovered to be the job titles for Jesse's IRO-bot, previously mentioned, children.

* The Writer - Also referred to as The Writing Writer, the issues in his own life make him see delusions that cause him to take out his own suffering on the characters in his story. The story gets darker as his own problems grow. He doesn't want The Character (Claudio) to feel the same pain that he has, so he interferes with the story. He sees the visions of Ten Speed who manipulates his thinking. In Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV, Volume Two, he comes to Claudio one last time offering him an escape to his world.
* Ten Speed - The manifestation of The Writer's ill will and malice which takes the form of his 10 speed bicycle. Ten Speed convinces the Writer that he needs to kill off Ambellina in order to end the story. If Ambellina is dead, Claudio will believe he is the Crowing and destroy the Keywork.
* Erica Court- The Writer's former lover, for whom he is writing the story of Heaven's Fence that is causing him to descend into madness. It is also hinted that The Writer once asked Erica Court to marry him (The Suffering), and at some point in the relationship he turned hostile (Welcome Home). Erica is represented multiple times within the story, at one point in the guise of Newo Ikkin (The bad, evil side), and at another point as Ambellina (The good, pure side) the fallen Prise.


* God - Although God has not yet been seen, he is a known character who created The Keywork and Heaven's Fence as well as the races. God may also be an allusion to The Writer, for he is the pen behind the wills of all of the characters. This possibility is supported by Claudio's reference to The Writer as "my god" in Good Apollo. He is also mentioned in the song Delirium Trigger.
*Mage Covent Marth - Before the infamous War of the Mages, this mage was a ruler of a section of Heaven's Fence. In particular, he was neighbored to Wilhelm Ryan. Ryan ordered Mayo to occupy this territory out of greed and the rest of the mage alliance ordered Ryan to withdraw all his troop. Ryan then killed Marth and this sparked the War of the Mages. Nothing else is known.

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