Grecomans (Bulgarian: Гъркомани, "Garkomani", Macedonian: Гркомани, "Grkomani", Romanian: "Grecomani", Albanian: "Grekomanë") is a pejorative term used in Bulgaria, the Republic of Macedonia, Romania and Albania for Greeks of real or perceived Arvanite, Aromanian or Slavic origin. The term generally means "pretending to be a Greek" and implies a non-Greek origin. Another meaning of the term is "fanatic Greek". [ [ THE MACEDONIAN AFFAIR - A HISTORICAL REVIEW OF THE ATTEMPTS TO CREATE A COUNTERFEIT NATION - Institute of International and Strategic Studies. Athens, Greece] .]

It should be noted that this term is considered highly offensive, particularly by bilingual Slavophone Greeks, when used by Macedonian Slavs both in the Republic of Macedonia as well as in transnational communities (e.g. in Australia and Canada) to refer to the indigenous people from the wider geographical Macedonia region as well as Macedonia in Greece with a Greek national and ethnic identity "in a variety of uncomplementary [sic] names".Danforth, L. M. (1995) "The Macedonian Conflict: Ethnic Nationalism in a Transnational World", Princeton University Press, ISBN 0-691-04356-6, p. 221.]

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*Minorities in Greece


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