Gaius Vitorius Hosidius Geta

Gaius Vitorius Hosidius Geta

Gaius Vitorius Hosidius Geta was a Roman who lived in the 1st century and 2nd century. Geta was an only son and might have had a sister called Vitoria. His father was Roman consul and senator Marcus Vitorius Marcellus and his mother was Hosidia Geta. Geta’s maternal grandfather was Roman Senator and General Gnaeus Hosidius Geta.

Geta is mentioned in fourth book of "Silvae" by poet Statius and in the writings of Roman teacher Quintilian. Both Statius and Quintilian were friends of his father's. Statius mentions that Geta’s grandfather demanded worthy feats from him.

Quintilian had appeared to be Geta’s tutor, because in his letters to Marcellus, Quintilian mentions about Marcellus’ instructions to him. Quintilian writes to Marcellus, how impressed he is of Geta’s academic abilities and hopes Geta would aspire to them.

Geta in his career became a priest. He was a member of the Arval Brethren. The Arval Brethren was an ancient group of priests that offered annual sacrifices to lares and the gods to guarantee good harvests. His name appears as an inscription in the records of the Arval Brethren.



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