United States Senate elections, 1948

United States Senate elections, 1948

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The U.S. Senate election, 1948 was an election for the United States Senate which coincided with the election of Democratic President Harry Truman for a full term. Truman had campaigned against an "obstructionist" Congress that had blocked many of his initiatives, and he was rewarded with a Democratic gain of nine seats in the Senate, enough to give them control of the chamber.

In addition to gaining an open seat in Oklahoma, the Democrats defeated the following eight Republican incumbents:
* Clayton D. Buck (R-DE)
* Henry C. Dworshak (R-ID)
* C. Wayland Brooks (R-IL)
* George A. Wilson (R-IA)
* John S. Cooper (R-KY)
* Joseph H. Ball (R-MN)
* Chapman Revercomb (R-WV)
* Edward V. Robertson (R-WY)

Prominent freshmen

Notable members of the new intake were future President and Vice President, Democrats Lyndon Johnson and Hubert Humphrey. Also worth noting Estes Kefauver who would become widely known for his hearings on organized crime, and Margaret Chase the first Republican woman and also the first women in the senate who did not succeed her husband.

enate contests in 1948

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