Corepressor (genetics)

Corepressor (genetics)

A corepressor is a protein that decreases gene expression by binding to a transcription factor which contains a DNA binding domain. The corepressor is unable to bind DNA by itself. The corepressor can repress transcriptional initiation by recruiting histone deacetylases which catalyze the removal of acetyl groups from lysine residues. This increases the positive charge on histones which strengthens in the interaction between the histones and DNA, making the later less accessible to transcription.cite journal |author=Lazar MA|title=Nuclear receptor corepressors|journal= Nucl Recept Signal |volume= 1 |issue= Jun 12 |pages= e001 |year= 2003| doi = 10.1621/nrs.01001 |pmid= 16604174] cite journal |author=Goodson M, Jonas BA, Privalsky MA|title=Corepressors: custom tailoring and alterations while you wait|journal= Nucl Recept Signal |volume= 3 |issue= Oct 21 |pages= e003 |year= 2005| doi = 10.1621/nrs.03003 |pmid= 16604171]


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*Transcription coregulator

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