King (horse)

King (horse)

Horse infobox
horsename = King P-234

caption = - King P-234 -
breed = Quarter Horse
sire = Zantanon
grandsire = Traveler
dam = Jabalina
damsire = Strait Horse
sex = Stallion
foaled = 1932
country = United States
color = Bay
breeder = M. Benavides Volpe
owner = Charles Alexander, Byrne James, Winn DuBose, Jess Hankins
honors = American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame
updated= 12 January 2008

King P-234 was an outstanding early Quarter Horse stallion who influenced the breed throughout the early years of the American Quarter Horse Association (or AQHA).


King was born 25 June 1932, the offspring of Zantanon and Jabalina.Holmes "King P-234: Cornerstone of an Industry" p. 38] Originally named Buttons by his breederVolpe "Breeder of King P-234 Comments on Great Quarter Horse" "The Cattleman" May 1958 p.105-107] , he was renamed King when he was registered with the AQHA as number 234. He was a bay stallion, bred by Manuel Benavides Volpe of Laredo, Texas and owned at the time of registration by Jess L. Hankins of Rocksprings, Texas.AQHA "Official Stud Book and Registry Combined 1-5" p. 86] The AQHA gave his sire as Zantanon by Little Joe by Traveler and his dam as Jabalina by Strait Horse by Yellow Jacket by Little Rondo (Bunton Horse). His second dam was a mare by Traveler, making him inbred to Traveler. [ All Breed Pedigree Pedigree of King] retrieved on 22 June 2007] Denhardt "Foundation Dams" p. 141-142]

Volpe sold Buttons/King to Charles Alexander of Laredo, Texas as a weanling for $150. Later, Byrne James of Encinal, Texas bought King from Alexander for $325. It was James' wife that changed the horse's name from Buttons to King.Beckman "King" "Quarter Horse Journal" August 1990 p. 36, 174-179] James broke King and used him for roping and other ranch work, but when James joined the New York Giants organization to play baseball, King was sold to Winn DuBose of Uvalde, Texas for $550. However, eventually DuBose sold King to Jess Hankins of Rocksprings, Texas on 5 July 1937 for the sum of $800.

He died on 24 March 1958 of heart failure.Simmons, "Legends: Outstanding Quarter Horse Stallions and Mares" p. 30]

He was the sire of many famous Quarter horses including Brown King H, Martha King, Royal King, King's Pistol, Gay Widow, Black Gold King, Power Command, Poco Bueno, Continental King, and LH Quarter Moon.Pitzer "The Most Influential Quarter Horse Sires" p. 64-65] Two of his sons were inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame, those being Poco Bueno and Royal King. [ AQHA Hall of Fame] accessed on 3 February 2008] His daughter Taboo was the dam of Joe Cody, another member of the AQHA Hall of Fame.

He was inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame.


style=font-size: 100%; line-height: 110%;
boxstyle=padding-top: 0; padding-bottom: 0;
1 = King P-234
2 = Zantanon
3 = Jabalina
4 = Little Joe
5 = Jeanette
6 = Strait Horse
7 = mare by Traveler
8 = Traveler
9 = Jenny
10 = Billy
11 = mare by Sykes' Rondo
12 = Yellow Jacket
13 = Gardner quarter mare
14 = Traveler
15 = unknown
16 = unknown
17 = unknown
18 = Sykes' Rondo
19 = May Mangum
20 = Big Jim by Sykes' Rondo
21 = unknown
22 = Sykes' Rondo
23 = unknown
24 = Little Rondo by Lock's Rondo
25 = Barbee Dun by Lock's Rondo
26 = unknown
27 = unknown
28 = unknown
29 = unknown



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Further reading

* Davis, Roy C. "King P-234" "Quarter Horse Journal" April 1952
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