Mina (TV series)

Mina (TV series)
Genre Drama
Produced by Kim Jae Soon
Network KBS 2TV
Original run November 5 – December 24 2001
No. of episodes 20
Original time slots Mondays and Tuesdays at 9:50 p.m.
Hangul 미나
Revised Romanization Mi-na
McCune-Reischauer Mi-na
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Mina was a 20-episode South Korean drama broadcast by KBS 2TV in 2001.



Kim Mina, who was a very highly popular singer who won the hearts of many fans, got into a car accident when her car swerved to avoid an oncoming vehicle. The car, which fell into a ditch, exploded and caused Mina to suffer second, third and fourth-degree burns on her body.

Meanwhile, Joon Suh, Mina's manager, happened to find Suryon who had almost the same look as Mina. Joon Suh, for the sake of shaking off Mina from the music industry as her skin has suffered serious and irreparable damages, initially asked Suryon to take the place of Mina for a short period of time. Suryon, on the other hand, agreed to the proposal as she badly needed money for her mother's surgical fees and her brother's scholarship money. Through a tough series of training from Joon Suh, Suryon became a near-perfect replica of Mina.

However, Suryon fell in love with Tae-Hoon. Meanwhile, the real Mina had returned but was unable to restore her original appearance, making Joon-suh reject her from singing again as Mina. However, things start to get nasty when Mina pursued the case to reveal her true identity on television and convincing Joon-suh again and again. This caused Suryon's family to know about her status, and as Mina pursued to find out the case further, both Jun Suh and Suryon felt that they were threatened. After Mina sent photographs of Suryon with a black hair with some unknown people, Tae Hoon pursued to find out the case. At the same time, Mina felt threatened.

Mina went to Suryon's house to find out their true identity. Mina found out that Suryon was her twin. Depressed, Mina went to the church to seek for spiritual help, after she went to the Christian orphanage where they were born.

Finally, the truth was out. Suryon, suffering from severe peer pressure while Tae Hoon was pursuing the case, quarreled with Mina over Tae Hoon. She sought to Tae Hoon for forgiveness and love, but Tae Hoon rejected because he realised that both Joon Suh and Suryon were setting up a trap against him and also to prevent Mina from coming back.

Depressed, Suryon attempted to commit suicide. Thankfully, Joon Suh stopped her in time and told her to prepare her final performance as Mina.


  • Chae Jung Ahn - Mina/Choi Suryon
  • Ahn Jae Mo - Joon Suh
  • Kim Sa-Rang - Mina
  • Kim Seung-su - Tae Hoon
  • Kim Min Jung
  • Kim Mu-saeng
  • Oh Jee Hye
  • Choi Sang Hak
  • Han Jin Hee
  • Baek Il-Seob

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