Inferno (comics)

Inferno (comics)

Inferno, in comics, may refer to:

*Inferno (DC Comics), a character from the DC Comics series "Legion of Super-Heroes"
*Inferno, the name of an alternate version of "Legion of Super-Heroes" member Sun Boy
*"Inferno" (Marvel Comics), a crossover between Marvel Comics titles in which the X-Men battled demons
*Inferno, a number of characters in Marvel Comics:
**Inferno (demon), the name of a specific demon in the Marvel Comics universe, an enemy of Ghost Rider.
**Inferno (Joseph Conroy), a Marvel character
**Inferno (Samantha McGee), a member of the Exemplars
*Inferno (Transformers), a character who has appeared in number of comics based on the toys, published by both Marvel and Dreamwave
*"Inferno!", a Warhammer anthology magazine mixing text and comic stories
*"", a "Judge Dredd" story written by Grant Morrison
*"Inferno" (Caliber Comics), a title from Caliber Comics [comicbookdb|type=title|id=18815|title="Inferno" (Caliber Comics)]
*Inferno (Image Comics), a character from Image Comics and member of the Vicious Circle [comicbookdb|type=character|id=8870|title=Inferno (Image Comics)]

ee also

*Inferno (disambiguation)
*, a DC Comics storyline connected with "Armageddon 2001" [comicbookdb|type=title|id=2178|title="Armageddon: Inferno"]


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