Jones (surname)

Jones (surname)

Family name
name = Jones
pronunciation =
meaning = Derived from "Son of John"
region = England
origin = English
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Jones is a popular family name of English origin that comes from the term "son of John". It is one of the most common surnames in the English speaking world.



The Jones surname was first documented in 1279 in Huntingdonshire, England. [ [ Jones Family Name History ] ] [Reaney & Wilson, p256 (under "John")] Its popularity in Wales stems from the use of "Ioan" in the Welsh Authorised Version of the Bible. "Ioan" is used here for "Ieuan", the Welsh form of "John". [Reaney & Wilson, p256.]

In 1813-1841, there were about 85,000 people named Jones living in England (0.43% of the population) and about 145,000 people named Jones living in Wales (13.84% of the total population) [ [ Surnames] ] [ [ England & Wales] ] [ [ Wales] ] By 1881, migration to the urban centres of England had equalised the numbers so that both countries had a little over 163,000 people named Jones recorded in the census of that year. [ [ 1881 census] ] Even so, it shows some areas of North Wales still had very high proportions of people carrying the name, for example in "Sir Feirionnydd" (Merionethshire) 23.6% and "Sir Gaernarfon" (Caernarfonshire) 22.3% were named Jones compared with 10.4% in Wales as a whole and 0.67% in England. Other, more readily identifiable Welsh names, such as Lloyd and Price (from "ap Rhys"), had greater proportions of their numbers living in England than Wales in 1881 - this may be because of the relatively higher concentrations of Jones in Welsh speaking areas.

It is likely that a number of Afro-Caribbean and African-American Joneses got their names from freed slaves adopting the names of the estate managers or owners. [Cruickshank, 'Liberated Africans,' p. 78] [John Thornton, 'Central African Names and African-American Naming Patterns' - 'The William and Mary Quarterly', 3rd Series, 50, 4(October 1993): 728, 730, 733-739.]

Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries

According to the [ National Trust surname profiler] "Jones" is the second most numerous surname in the UK. There were 391,909 Joneses on the UK electoral register in 1998. This represents a rate of 10,521 Joneses per million Britons or just over 1% of the population. The proportion of Joneses in other Anglophone countries is slightly lower: the 2002 rate in Australia was 6,548 per million; Canada, 3,882 per million; and 2002 New Zealand, 5,499 per million. This name is much rarer in the Republic of Ireland with a rate of only 144 per million in 2003. National Trust information for the United States places the 1990 rate at 8,334 per million (0.83%) based on telephone directory records; [Citation: National Trust, 2007] the 1990 United States census provides a frequency of 0.62%, providing an overall rank of 4th most frequent (following Williams and preceding Brown). [Citation: United States Census Bureau, 1995.]

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