Fire Candy

Fire Candy

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Nihongo|"Fire Candy"|ファイヤーキャンディ is a Japanese manga by Natsuo Imamura (the penname of Kengo Yonekura).


In the future humanity has lost the ability to reproduce naturally. 'Halfs' have been brought into existence, people whose genetic material is half human and half animal. The title comes from a popular drug 'fire candy' which is a stimulant that may cause the user to spontaneously combust at any moment after use. This manga is unfinished.


Ryoki is the main character, 16 years old and part cow. When he is fighting people he turns into a maniac and starts laughing when he sees them in pain, saying "it's funny". He is the leader of the team "Jammy Angels". After hearing the price of Fire Candy increasing, he started a rebellion, going after Lloyd.

Leo is Ryoki's friend, and part lion. He is the second in command of the "Jammy Angels" and appears to be a little older than Ryoki.Leo's short-tempered and a dangerous fighter whilst at the same time he also has a shy side concerning girls. Under his rough, self-confident and teasing air he is a very sensitive guy, whose comrades he'd never betray. He does not want Ryoki, his first friend since childhood, to lose himself in murderous frenzy. Leo smokes instead of taking drugs like 'Fire Candy'.

Akito is part of Ryoki's group. She is also Ryoki's lover. She died after having sex with Ryoki for the first time because of the drug.

Yukito is Akito's twin sister, also part of Ryoki's group, and has a crush on him.

Haru/'Haruki' is a male prostitute who becomes part of Ryoki's group. He is 24 and one quarter lynx. In the past he was called the 'Platinum Lynx. He also appears to know Lloyd; sometimes gets mistaken for a girl because he is small and has a female appearance.

Lloyd is the head of the Fire Candy drugs. When he raised the price on the drugs, Ryoki and his team started to go after him.

Tetsu(Tecchan) One of Lloyd's henchmen. Tetsu is usually laid back, but under his calm exterior lies a sick and twisted personality. He is also a very skilled fighter and defeats Haru with ease. He is killed and decapitated by Ryoki.

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