Stevens may refer to:


* Stevens (constructor), a former racing car constructor
* Stevens-Duryea, early U.S. car

Geographical locations

In the United States

* Stevens County, Kansas
* Stevens County, Minnesota
* Stevens County, Washington
* Stevens Park, Hoboken, New Jersey
* Stevens Point, Wisconsin
* Stevens Township, Minnesota
* Stevens Township, Pennsylvania
* Stevens Village, Alaska
* Stevensville, Montana
* Lake Stevens, Washington
* West Lake Stevens, Washington
* Stevens Pass, a pass through the Cascade Mountains in Washington

Outside the United States

* Sint-Stevens-Woluwe, town near Brussels, Belgium


* Fort Stevens (Oregon)
* Fort Stevens (Washington, D.C.)
* Battle of Fort Stevens (1864)
* USS Stevens (DD-86), U.S. Navy WWI destroyer
* USS Stevens (DD-479), U.S. Navy WWII destroyer


* Stevens High School, Claremont, New Hampshire
* Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, New Jersey
* Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

cience and medicine

* Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a skin disease
* Stevens' power law, a psychophysical theory

Other uses

* Stevens Arms, American firearms maker
* Stevens Point Brewery, Stevens Point, Wisconsin
* Stevens Report, a British government report
* Stevens technique, a percussion performance method
* Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport

ee also

* Stevens (surname)
* Stephens

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