Strait Jacket (novel)

Strait Jacket (novel)

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name = Strait Jacket

caption =
ja_name = ストレイト・ジャケット
ja_name_trans = Sutoreito Jaketto
genre = Fantasy
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light = yes
title =
author = Ichirō Sakaki
illustrator = Yō Fujishiro
publisher = flagicon|Japan Fujimi Shobo
demographic = Male
first = August 2000
last = ongoing
volumes = 10
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title =
director = Shinji Ushiro
studio = Feel
network =
episodes = 3
released = 25 November 2007

nihongo|"Strait Jacket"|ストレイト・ジャケット|Sutoreito Jaketto| is a light novel series by Ichirō Sakaki, with illustrations by Yō Fujishiro. A 3 episode OVA based on the light novel will be produced by Feel. It currently has sold over half a million copies []


A parallel timeline set in 1899, magic is commonly used in various industries like plantations, pharmaceuticals, military etc. However, there seems to be a "curse", under which a person who uses magic too much becomes a "demon" by some chances. To combat this, a technology called "Mold" is invented. The "curse" is reviled to be a act of terrorism, those who use magic will suddenly turn into a "demon" if their Mold suit has any deficiency(Suggested in the second OVA, in which two Mold suits are tampered with and both their users turned into demons).

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Vocabulary List:

"'(魔法) まほう mahou Magic"'

The Magic World (astral side) and the real world (Material side)are combine and The Magic become real by the will of the Sorceller.

"'(魔法使い) まほうつかい mahoutsukai Sorceller, Magician"'

General term for the one using magic power, After the Ieruneferuto accident, (イエルネフェルト事件)the number of person using sorcelery, even if the are not sorcerer or wizard, is really important.

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