SmartFrog is an open-source software framework, written in Java, that manages the configuration, deployment and coordination of a software system broken into components. These components may be distributed across several network hosts.

The configuration of components is described using a domain-specific language, whose syntax resembles that of Java. It is a prototype-based object-oriented language, and may thus be compared to Self.

The framework is used internally in a variety of HP products. Also, it is being used by HP Labs partners like CERN.

As of 2007, the framework is being actively developed by HP Labs. It is available under the LGPL.


* Steve Loughran, Erik Hatcher. "Ant in Action", ISBN-13: 978-1932394801. Has a chapter about the use of SmartFrog in a development environment.
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* Paul Anderson, Patrick Goldsack, Jim Paterson. "SmartFrog meets LCFG: Autonomous Reconfiguration with Central Policy Control". In Proceedings of LISA XVII, USENIX, 2003.

External links

* Project website.
* Project pages on SourceForge.
* A SmartFrog-based project developed at CERN to manage Xen virtual machines.
* Google Tech Talk about the use of SmartFrog for functional testing

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