Carr may refer to:
* Carr (fen), a north European wetland, a fen overgrown with trees


* Carr (name), a common surname


* Carr, Colorado, unincorporated town in Weld County
* Carr, North Carolina, in Orange County
* Carr Bank, a hamlet in Cumbria, England
* Carr Creek Lake in Kentucky
* Carr Houses, a hamlet in England
* Carr Inlet, in Washington
* Carr River, river in the U.S. state of Rhode Island


* "Baker v. Carr", a U.S. Supreme Court case
* USS "Carr" (FFG-52), Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigate, ship of the U. S. Navy
* Carr Amplifiers, Pittsboro, North Carolina manufacturer of high-end, hand-wired tube guitar amplifiers
* Carr Auditorium in Orlando, Florida
* Carr-Benkler wager over who will provide Internet content in the future
* Carr Communications
* Carr's of Carlisle, English manufacturers of Water biscuits.

ee also

* Star Carr, a Mesolithic archaeological site in Yorkshire, U.K.
* Harlow Carr Gardens A Royal Horticultural Society Garden in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK.
* Kerr
* Ker
* Car (disambiguation)

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