In North America, RespOrg (a contraction for responsible organization) is a term that refers to the company providing the telecommunications services of toll-free telephone numbers in the 800, 888, 877, and 866 area codes.

Every toll-free number is controlled by a RespOrg, which is generally a long distance company, known as an interexchange carrier in the communications industry. There are approximately 400 RespOrgs in North America. These 400 RespOrgs service about 10,000 companies with toll free number products ranging from general long distance like AT&T, Sprint, or MCI to smaller enhanced service product companies with voicemail and follow-me systems. Almost all RespOrgs service there their own numbers for their own companies.

In the telecommunications industry, the contraction "RespOrg" is spoken and used more frequently than the full unabbreviated term. It is pronounced as though it were a single word (something like "ressborg") with no pause or break between "resp" and "org".

FCC regulation

In the United States, according to the regulations of the Federal Communications Commission, owners of toll-free numbers have the right to select or transfer their toll-free number to the RespOrg of their choice. A change of RespOrg is a process frequently undertaken to execute this, and involves the simple signing of faxed forms.

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