System Overload

System Overload

Infobox Single
Name = System Overload

Artist = The Datsuns
from Album = Smoke and Mirrors
B-side =
Released = 2006
Format = CD, Vinyl
Genre = Rock and Roll
Length = 2:31
Label = Hellsquad Records
Last single = "Stuck here for days"
This single = "System Overload"


"System Overload" is a garage rock song by New Zealand Rock and Roll band The Datsuns. It is the second single off the album "Smoke & Mirrors".

It was released on both Vinyl and Compact Disk in 2006.

It is typical of The Datsuns style. With loud guitar, a lead break and dominant vocals.

Track listings

#"System Overload"
#"Don't shine your light on me"
#"Killer Bees"

(Vinyl single doesn't include 'Don't shine your light on me')

Music Video

The music video features the band performing on a rooftop in an old fashioned black and white city while explosions reign throughout. Large red robots are moving throughout firing purple laser beams at the buildings. During the songs lead break The Datsuns fire lightning out of their guitars at the robots, destroying them.At the end of the video the smoke from the city clears and two pressure meters decrease. It switches to a view of the band looking downwards at a small robot toy before stamping on it.

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