Journal of Chemometrics

Journal of Chemometrics

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discipline = Chemistry
abbreviation = J Chemometr
website =
publisher = John Wiley & Sons
country = flag|United Kingdom
history = 1987 to present
impact = 1.367
impact-year = 2007
ISSN = 0886-9383

The Journal of Chemometrics is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published since 1987 by John Wiley & Sons. In twelve issues per year, it publishes original scientific papers, reviews, and short communications on fundamental and applied aspects of chemometrics. The current Editor-in-Chief is Professor Paul J. Gemperline from East Carolina University, USA.Wiley InterScience [] ]

Impact factor and rank

The 2007 Impact Factor is 1.367. It is ranked number 44 out of 70 in the Analytical Chemistry category, 20 out of 91 in the Statistics and Probability category, 16 out of 74 in the Mathematics Interdisciplinary Applications category, 9 out of 52 in the Automation and Control Systems, and 32 out in 93 in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence category. [Institute for Scientific Information, "Journal Citation Reports", 2007]

Highest cited papers

# Article: 'Selectivity, local rank, three-way data analysis and ambiguity in multivariate curve resolution', R. Tauler, A. Smilde, B. Kowalski 9(1):31-58 (1995). Cited 272 times Web of Science] .
# Article: 'Multiway calibration. Multilinear PLS', R. Bro 10(1):47-61 (1996). Cited 208 times .
# Article: 'Resolution of strongly overlapping two-way multicomponent data by means of heuristic evolving latent projections', Y-Z Liang, O. M. Kvalheim, A. Rahmani, R. G. Brereton 7(1)15-43 (1993). Cited 112 times .
# Article: 'Application of a genetic algorithm to feature selection under full validation conditions and to outlier detection', R. Leardi 8(1):65-79 (1994). Cited 110 times .

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