Administrative division of Duchy of Warsaw

Administrative division of Duchy of Warsaw

Administrative division of Duchy of Warsaw was based on departments. Headed by a prefect, it was a solution adopted based on the French model, as entire Duchy was in fact created by Napoleon and based on French ideas, although departaments were divided into Polish powiats (counties).

There were 6 initial departments, after 1809 (after Napolean defeats the Austrians and the Treaty of Schönbrunn) increased to 10 (as the Duchy territory increased). Each department was named after their capital city.

In January 1807:
*"Departament warszawski" (Warsaw Department)
*"Departament poznański" (Poznań Department)
*"Departament kaliski" (Kalisz Department)
*"Departament bydgoski" (Bydgoszcz Department)
*"Departament płocki" (Płock Department)
*"Departament łomżyński" (Łomża Department) - for the first few months known as "Bydgoszcz Department" (Departament Bydgoski)

The above 6 departments were divided into 60 powiats.

Added in 1809:
*"Departament krakowski" (Kraków Department)
*"Departament lubelski" (Lublin Department)
*"Departament radomski" (Radom Department)
*"Departament siedlecki" (Siedlce Department)

In 1815 the Duchy of Warsaw was divided into Grand Duchy of Poznań on west and Congress Poland in east. The departments remained until the reform of 1816 in eastern part.


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