South Governorate

South Governorate

country = Lebanon

name = South Governorate
native_name = الجنوب
map_caption = Map of Lebanon with the South Governorate highlighted
capital = Sidon
capital_lat_d =
capital_long_d =
population_as_of =
population = 360,000
area = 2000
population_density =
free_type = Language
free = Arabic

South Governorate ( _ar. الجنوب; transliterated: al-Janub) is one of the governorates of Lebanon. South Lebanon has a population of 360,000 inhabitants and an area of 2,000 km². The capital is Sidon. The lowest elevation is sea-level; the highest is 1,000 meters. The inhabitants are a mixture of Shiites, Sunnis, Orthodox, Catholics, Armenians, and Protestants. Temperatures can drop to 4 °C during winter with a lot of rain and snow on the higher ground. In the humid summer, temperatures can rise to 30 °C in the coastal areas. The governorate has several rivers: the Litani, Zahrani, Naqura, Awali, Qasmiye, and Hasbani. The area is famous for its citrus and banana farms.

Local Attractions and Events

The area offers a great number of attractions, including pristine white sandy beaches south of Tyre, and the opportunity to snorkle or dive among submerged Phoenician and Roman ruins near the ancient cities of Sidon and Tyre. Culture-lovers will enjoy the bustling Ottoman-era Pazars, and one can relax after a long day at a seafood restaurant overlooking the Mediterranean. Southern Lebanon also hosts the Tyre festival, which attracts thousands of tourists each year.


*Sidon District
*Jezzine District
*Tyre District


*Sidon or Saida
*El - Kfeir (Kufayr az Zayt)

ee also

* Southern Lebanon

* [ Jabal Amel]

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