Line B (Buenos Aires)

Line B (Buenos Aires)

Subte Line B

Line B of the Buenos Aires Metro runs from Leandro N. Alem to Los Incas (projected to Villa Urquiza).

Opened on 17 October 1930, 8.94 km.


* Leandro N. Alem
* Florida
* Carlos Pellegrini
* Uruguay
* Callao
* Pasteur
* Pueyrredón
* Carlos Gardel
* Medrano
* Angel Gallardo
* Malabia
* Dorrego
* Federico Lacroze "'
* Tronador
* Av. de Los Incas
* "Echeverría (under construction)"
* "Villa Urquiza (under construction)"


*Until the privatization of subte in the 1990s, the D line was identified by the red color; whilst the B line used green. The switch was perceived to be an annoying re-branding effort.

*Leandro N. Alem station honors a UCR politician from the late 19th century. It is located near the Luna Park stadium and the Puerto Madero district, and is a short walk from Plaza de Mayo. This station is at sea level, at the bottom of a steep incline; hence the name "el bajo" (the lowlands), which is historically linked to the bars and night clubs that used to be in the area. Since the 1950s, the zone is used mostly for office buildings.

*Florida and Carlos Pellegrini stations are, by far, the two busiest stations as most commuters alight there in the morning to work in the downtown financial district, and also allow easy access to the entertainment district in the evening ("see also" Florida Street). These two stations have a central "andén" (platform) serving both directions, and their crowded access ramps and stairs are a boon for pickpockets. Carlos Pellegrini is the only station in this line offering combination with other subway lines, and allows access to an underground commercial gallery located right below the Obelisco landmark, used by pedestrians to avoid crossing 9 de Julio Avenue at street level.

*Uruguay station is located near the "Tribunales" (Courthouse) and many famous restaurants and theaters.

*Pasteur, Pueyrredón, and Carlos Gardel stations are located in the Balvanera neighborhood. The latter is located near the Abasto shopping mall, in the neighborhood where Carlos Gardel grew up.

*Since the 1940s, the line used to end in Federico Lacroze Station, near Chacarita cemetery, where commuters could board the suburban bound Urquiza Line. In the 1990s, work began to expand the line to Villa Ortúzar and Villa Urquiza [ [ History: La Línea B] (Spanish)] .

*The rolling stocks currently using in Subte Línea B are former stocks of Tokyo Metro (then Eidan) 300/500/900 stocks, which was used on Marunouchi Line. These Japanese units were acquired in the early 1990s, and offer less sitting room than the previous setup, increasing the line's capacity during peak hours.


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