Chaukidar Meena

Chaukidar Meena

Chaukidar Meenas

The Chaukidar Meenas belongs to Meenas community. Normally they are found in north-east Rajasthan of India.

The Chaukidar Minas are a branch of those Zamindar Meenas, who during the later middle age adopted fighting in the armies. They are well known for their security and military services. In old days they use to guard the royal treasure and are very trustworthy to their kings. They used to escort the king to the royal treasure after binding the cloth on his eyes. Physically in general, Chaukidar Meenas are tall, well build and courageous people.

The largest population clan in Chaukidar Meenas is Jakhiwal, Jhirwal, Jeph, bagari and Kanwat.

  • Chapola
  • Jakhiwal
  • Jeph
  • Khoda
  • Bhorayat
  • Pawadi
  • Manatal
  • Bunsa
  • Basanwal
  • Mantwal
  • Jhirwal
  • Chola
  • Dagal
  • Pabari
  • Mouthu
  • Jundiya
  • Kanwat
  • Bagrana
  • Bagari
  • Jakhiwal
  • Kawat

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