Music of the Northern Mariana Islands

Music of the Northern Mariana Islands
Gi Talo Gi Halom Tasi

National anthem of
 Northern Mariana Islands

Also known as Satil Matawal Pacifico
English:  In Carolinian
Music Im Schoensten Wiesengrunde
Adopted 1996

The music of the Northern Mariana Islands is dominated by the folk music of the Chamorros, which remains an important part of the islands' culture, though elements of music left by American, German, Spanish and Japanese colonizers can be seen. There are both Carolinian and Chamorro traditional chant styles. A variant of the Spanish cha-cha-chá is popular, as is a Carolinian "stick dance" which combines improvised percussion and foot stomping A well-known stick dance group is the Talabwog Men Stick Dancers.

The national anthem of the Northern Mariana Islands is "Gi Talo Gi Halom Tasi" (in Chamorro, "Satil Matawal Pacifico" in Carolinian), which was adopted on October 1996. The song's melody comes from a German tune, "Im Schoensten Wiesengrunde".[1]

Music festivals in the Northern Mariana Islands include the Fiestan Luta, an annual celebration.



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