Koasati language

Koasati language

states=United States
region=Elton, Louisiana and Livingston, Texas.
fam2=Eastern Muskogean

Koasati (usually Coushatta) is a Native American language of Muskogean origin. The language is spoken by the Coushatta people, most of whom live in Allen Parish north of the town of Elton, Louisiana, though a smaller number share a reservation near Livingston, Texas with the Alabama people. Linguist Geoffrey Kimball has estimated the number of speakers of the language at around 400 people, of whom approximately 350 live in Louisiana (Kimball 1991).

Koasati is most closely related to the Alabama language, but though the Coushatta and Alabama have historically lived near each other, their languages are no longer mutually intelligible without extensive exposure. The language is also related to the Mikasuki language and some native speakers of Coushatta report they can understand Mikasuki without previous exposure to the language.

One notable feature of the language is that men and women use slightly different grammatical forms of verbs.


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* [http://www.coushattatribela.org/ Sovereign Nation of The Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana]
* [http://www.ethnologue.com/show_language.asp?code=cku Ethnologue: Languages of the World, Koasati entry]

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