Biliran Island

Biliran Island

Infobox Islands
name = Biliran Island

image caption = NASA Landsat image of Biliran.
native name =
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Location map|Philippines|lat=11.523|long=124.535|width=175
map_custom = yes
location = South East Asia
coordinates= coord|11.523|N|124.535|E|type:mountain
archipelago = Visayas
total islands =
major islands = Bohol, Cebu, Leyte, Masbate, Negros, Panay, Samar
area = 555.4 km²
highest mount =
elevation = 1,301 m
country = Philippines
country admin divisions title = Municipality/Town
country admin divisions = Almeria, Biliran, Cabucgayan, Caibiran, Culaba, Kawayan, Maripipi, Naval
country largest city = Naval
country largest city population = 37,974
population = 140,274
population as of = 2000
density = 253
ethnic groups = Visayan, (Cebuano, Waray)
:"This article is about the island. For the municipality, see Biliran, Biliran. For the province, see Biliran. "

Biliran is a volcanic island in the central Philippines.
*Classification: Active
*Current Summit Activities: Solfataric
*Province: Biliran Region VIII
*Nearby Cities/Towns:

  1. Kawayan, Biliran
  2. Almeria, Biliran
  3. Culaba, Biliran
  4. Calubian, Biliran
  5. Naval, Biliran
  6. Caibiran, Biliran
  7. San Isidro, Biliran
  8. Biliran, Biliran
  9. Cabucgayan, Biliran

*Topo Sheets: 3854 I, 3855 II, 3955 III, 3854 II, 3954 III

Infobox Mountain
Name= Biliran
Elevation=1,301 m (4,268 ft)
Location= Visayas, Philippines
Prominence =
Coordinates = coord|11.523|N|124.535|E|type:mountain

Type=Complex volcano
Last eruption=1939
First ascent=
Easiest route=

Physical features


  1. Central Biliran - Libtong Thermal Areas (12 hot springs and one bubbling pool)
  2. North Biliran - Panamao Thermal Area
  3. Anas Thermal Area
  4. South Biliran - Kalambis Thermal Area

*Adjacent Volcanic Edifice:
  1. Panamao (107 m asl)
  2. Gumansan (1064 m asl)
  3. Lauan (1187 m asl)
  4. Suiro (1301 m asl)

Geological features

*Rock Type: Hornblende andesite containing greenish and black hornblende
*Tectonic Setting: Biliran Volcano is part of the curvilinear belt of Quaternary volcanoes in eastern Philippines, parallel to Phil. Trench to the east

Volcanic activity

*Number of Historical Eruptions: 1
*Latest Eruption/Activity: September 26, 1939
*Site: crater
*Eruption Character: Debris avalanche
*Affected Areas/Remarks: Ashfall at Caibiran and adjoining areas (6.35 cm thick deposits)
*Monitoring activity: Short-term monitoring in 1954


* [ Global Volcanism Program: Biliran]

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