Kirk (surname)

Kirk (surname)

:For {2|other uses}, see {3|Kirk (disambiguation)}."

Kirk is a surname.

*Alan Goodrich Kirk, United States Admiral, (1888 - 1963)
*Andy Kirk, jazz musician
*Claude Kirk, first Republican Governor of Florida since Reconstruction, elected in 1966
*Dana Kirk (basketball), Memphis State University Basketball Coach
*Dana Kirk (swimmer), US Olympic Swimmer
* David Kirk, actor
*Geoffrey Kirk, British classical scholar
*Hans Kirk, Danish 20th century author
*J. Andrew Kirk, Theologian, Author, missiologist.
*James T. Kirk, fictional starship captain in Star Trek
*Jennifer Kirk, figure skater
*Jered Kirk, Very Cool Person
*Justin Kirk, actor
*Linda Kirk, Australian Senator
*Mark Kirk, US Congressman
*Marshall Kirk, genealogist and gay activist
*Matthew Kirk, diplomat
*Norman Kirk, former Prime Minister of New Zealand
*Peter Kirk, English mill owner, founder of Kirkland, WA ,USA
*Sir Peter Michael Kirk, MP
*Phyllis Kirk, actress
*Quavas Kirk, American soccer player
*Russell Kirk, the "father of modern conservatism"
*Rahsaan Roland Kirk, jazz musician
* Robert Kirk, Scottish clergyman and author of "The Secret Commonwealth of Elves, Fauns and Fairies",(1691)
*Timmy Kirk, a fictional character in the HBO drama series "Oz"
*Tom Kirk, Australian rugby league footballer

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