Grovenor, Edmonton

Grovenor, Edmonton

. It may also be referred to as Westgrove and West Glenora.

The neighbourhood is bounded on the east by 142 Street, on the west by 149 Street, on the north by 107 Avenue, and on the south by the McKinnon Ravine. Stony Plain Road, which provides access to both the downtown core and points west of the city, passes through the neighbourhood.

In recent years, the neighborhood has suffered issues with gang violence and drug abuse. In 2006, a seventeen year old was severely beaten over a drug debt believed to be connected to a local gang leader and convicted drug dealer, Brett Hennig. [ [] ]

Residential development

According the the neighbourhood description in the City of Edmonton [ map utility] , parts of the neighbourhood date back to the 1910s.

The 2001 federal census reports that one in five residences (18.2%) were constructed by the end of World War II. Substantially all residential construction was complete by the end of 1980. In more recent years, some older residences along Stony Plain Road have been demolished and replaced by newer development. There is also some commercial development along Stony Plain Road. [ [ Period of Construction ] ]

According to the 2005 municipal census, the most common type of residence in the neighborhood is the single family dwelling. These account for approximately nine out of every ten (88%) residences in the neighbourhood. Another one in ten (9%) are duplexes [Duplexes include triplexes and quadruplexes.] and a small number (3%) are row houses. Approximately three out of four (77%) of residences are owner occupied with the remainder being rented. [ [ Dwelling Unit by Structure Type and Ownership ] ]


There is a single elementary school in the neighbourhood, Grovenor Elementary School, operated by the Edmonton Public School System.

Proposed development

There is a proposal to construct five highrise condominium towers of between 10 and 18 stories at the west end of the adjacent neighbourhood, Glenora, near the intersection of 102 Avenue, 142 Street, and Stony Plain Road. The five highrises could have up to 330 apartment units among them with non-commercial uses limited to the first two floors. This proposal is opposed by the residents of Grovenor and Glenora. [ [ Glenora/Grovesnor residents get new ammunition ] ] [ [] (2.2 MB)]

urrounding neighborhoods

Canadian City Geographic Location (8-way)
Northwest = High Park
North = McQueen
Northeast = North Glenora
West = Canora
Centre = Grovenor
East = Glenora
Southwest = West Jasper Place
South = Crestwood
Southeast = Crestwood


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