Peter Apselamus

Peter Apselamus

Peter Abselamus (also known as Peter Absalon, Peter Balsamus, and Peter of Atroa), also called, "the Standard Bearer", was a Christian martyr.

He was born near Eleutheropolis.

He is known to have been a martyr. However, there is substantial disagreement regarding the details.

The account in his Acta Sanctorum indicate that he was tortured and killed at Aulana, near Hebron, and later crucified.

Another account, in Eusebius of Caesarea's "History of the Martyrs in Palestine", indicates he was burned alive in Caesarea.

Louis-Sébastien Le Nain de Tillemont has stated that two different people are mentioned in the accounts. He stated that Peter Abselamus was crucified at Aulana, and that a different person, Peter Absalon, was burned at Caesarea.

The martyr at Aulana is commemorated as a saint, with a feast day of January 3. The martyr at Caesarea's feast day is January 13.


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