Union Démocratique Bretonne

Union Démocratique Bretonne

Infobox French Political Party
party_name = Union Démocratique Bretonne
"Unvaniezh Demokratel Breizh"

party_wikicolourid = UDB
leader = Mona Bras, Herri Gourmelen
foundation = 1964
ideology = Regionalism, Social democracy, Democratic Socialism, Left-wing| european = European Free Alliance
international = "none"
colours = Orange, yellow
natassembly = 0
senate = 0
euparl = 0
président = Dominique Voynet
headquarters = 21 Rue Coulmiers, Nantes 44000
website = [http://www.udb-bzh.net/ www.udb-bzh.net/]

The Breton Democratic Union "(French Union Démocratique Bretonne, Breton Unvaniezh Demokratel Breizh)" is the main autonomist and regionalist party in Brittany (Bretagne + Loire-Atlantique). It advocates devolution for Britanny as well as the promotion of the Breton language and its associated culture.

The Breton Democratic Union holds three seats on the Bretagne Regional Council. A fourth seat is held by Christian Troadec, mayor of Carhaix who, albeit not member of the organization is considered close to it.

The party is allied with The Greens and is a member of the European Free Alliance.


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