United Arab List

United Arab List

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leader = Ibrahim Sarsur
foundation = 1996
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ideology = Israeli Arab interest
Two-state solution
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The United Arab List ( _ar. ألقائمة العربية الموحدة Al-Qā'imah al-'Arabiyyah al-Muwaunicode|ẖadah _he. רשימה ערבית מאוחדת, "Reshima Aravit Meuhedet"), commonly known in Israel by its Hebrew acronym Ra'am ( _he. רע"ם), is a political party representing and supported by Israeli Arabs. It is not related to the original United Arab List which existed in the late 1970s and early 1980s.


The party was established prior to the 1996 elections, and was joined in an electoral alliance by the Arab Democratic Party (which held two seats in the outgoing parliament) and elements related to the southern faction of the Islamic Movement. The party initially went under the title of Mada-Ra'am, Mada being the acronym and common name for the Arab Democratic Party. In the elections, the party won four seats. During the Knesset term, the Arab Democratic Party became a faction within the United Arab List, and its name was dropped from the party title.

The next elections saw the party increase its share of the vote and pick up five seats. However, internal disagreements saw three MKs leave; Muhamad Kanan and Tawfik Khatib left and established the National Arab Party, whilst Hashem Mahameed formed the National Unity – National Progressive Alliance party.

In the 2003 elections the party's support dropped by more than a third, with the party only just crossing the electoral threshold of 2%, and winning only two seats.

For the 2006 elections the party entered an alliance with Ahmad Tibi's Ta'al party. Running together, the alliance won four seats, three of which were taken by the United Arab List. The southern faction of the Islamic Movement is now the dominant force in the party. Other members include the Arab National Party.

Ideology and support

The party supports the creation of a Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital; and a solution of two states - one Jewish and one Palestinian — for the conflict in the region.

Its constituency consists mostly of religious or nationalist Israeli Arabs, and enjoys particular popularity among the Bedouin. The Islamic Movement also operates in poor Arab towns and villages, as well as in Bedouin settlements, to mobilize voters.

Knesset membership

Current Knesset members

*Ibrahim Sarsur
*Taleb el-Sana
*Abbas Zakour

Former Knesset members

*Abdulwahab Darawshe (14th Knesset)
*Abdulmalik Dehamshe (14th-16th Knessets)
*Muhamad Kanan (15th Knesset)
*Tawfik Khatib (14th-15th Knessets)
*Hashem Mahameed (15th Knesset)

ee also

*Arab members of the Knesset

External links

* [http://www.islammov.com/ Islamic Movement] ar icon
* [http://www.knesset.gov.il/faction/eng/FactionPage_eng.asp?PG=106 Party history] Knesset website en icon
* [http://www.knesset.gov.il/faction/eng/FactionPage_eng.asp?PG=9 Mada-Ra'am] Knesset website en icon
* [http://www.knesset.gov.il/faction/eng/FactionPage_eng.asp?PG=193 Ra'am-Ta'al] Knesset website en icon

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