Gogo Chu Nzeribe

Gogo Chu Nzeribe

Gogo Chu Nzeribe was a Nigerian trade unionist and a leader of the nation's communist movement during the drive towards independence in the 1950s. [American Assembly. United States and Africa, American Assembly, Ayer Publishing, 1970. p 91. ISBN 0836917812] He was the secretary general of the All Nigeria Trade Union Federation which had Michael Imoudu has its president. He was murdered in 1967 by troops loyal to the federal side during the crisis of the 1960s. Prior to his death, he was arrested and detained at Dodan barracks as one of the radical individuals the Yakubu Gowon regime deemed necessary to be silenced.

He had a daughter with Nigerian novelist, Flora Nwapa. [Chikwenye Okonjo Ogunyemi. African Wo/Man Palava: The Nigerian Novel by Women, University of Chicago Press, 1996. p 134. ISBN 0226620859]

Early life

He was born into a well to do family and attended King's College, Lagos. He turned to trade unionism as a result his interest in Nigeria's struggle for independence. He started out organizing student and workers rallies against the colonial regime. [Steven L. Jacobs, Samuel Totten. Pioneers of Genocide Studies (Clt), Transaction Publishers, 2002. p 142. ISBN 0765801515]


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