Gender equality

Gender equality


World bodies have defined gender equality as related to human rights, especially women's rights, and economic development.cite journal |author=World Bank |title=Gender Equality as Smart Economics: A World Bank Group Gender Action Plan (Fiscal years 2007–10) |year=September, 2006 |url=] cite web |url= |title=Goal #3 Gender Equity |accessdate=2008-06-01 |publisher=United Nations Millennium Campaign |year=2008 |author=United Nations Millennium Campaign] UNICEF defines gender equality as "levelling the playing field for girls and women by ensuring that all children have equal opportunity to develop their talents."cite web |url= |title=Gender equality |accessdate=2008-06-01 |publisher=UNICEF |year=May 12, 2008 |author=UNICEF] The United Nations Population Fund declared gender equality "first and foremost, a human right."cite web |url= |title=Gender Equality: An End in Itself and a Cornerstone of Development |accessdate=2008-06-01 |publisher=United Nations Population Fund |year=February 2006 |author=UNFPA] "Gender equity" is one of the goals of the United Nations Millennium Project, to end world poverty by 2015; the project claims, "Every single Goal is directly related to women's rights, and societies where women are not afforded equal rights as men can never achieve development in a sustainable manner."


Many followers of this philosophy would like to see this term come to replace “feminism” or “masculism,” when used to describe a belief in basic equal rights and opportunities for members of both sexes within legal, social, or corporate establishments. They strive for ultimate fairness, and seek cooperative solutions so as to make things better for both males, females and everything in between. While they may share a number of critiques and analyses with self-described feminists and/or masculists, they feel that “egalitarianism” is a better word for a belief in equality than any word that focuses on one of the genders.

See also

General issues

*Gender mainstreaming
*Sex and gender distinction
*List of important publications in sociology of gender

pecific issues

*Bahá'í Faith and gender equality
*Female education
*Mixed-sex education
*Quaker Testimony of Equality


*Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women or CEDAW (United Nations, 1979)
*Equal Pay Act of 1963 (United States)
*Equality Act 2006 (UK)
*Equality Bill (UK)
*European charter for equality of women and men in local life
*Gender Equity Education Act (Taiwan)
*Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (United States)
*Uniform civil code (India)
*Women's Petition to the National Assembly (France, 1789)

Organizations and ministries

*Afghan Ministry of Women Affairs (Afghanistan)
*Christians for Biblical Equality
*Committee on Women's Rights and Gender Equality (European Parliament)
*Equal Opportunities Commission (UK)
*European Institute for Gender Equality
*Gender Empowerment Measure, a metric used by the United Nations
*Gender-related Development Index, a metric used by the United Nations
*Government Equalities Office (UK)
*International Center for Research on Women
*Ministry of Integration and Gender Equality (Sweden)
*Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development (Malaysia)
*National Commission on the Role of Filipino Women (Philippines)


External links

* [ GENDERNET] , International forum of gender experts working in support of gender equality. Development Co-operation Directorate of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
* [,,menuPK:336874~pagePK:149018~piPK:149093~theSitePK:336868,00.html Gender Equality as Smart Economics] World Bank
* [ The Local] Gender equality in Sweden (news collection)

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