Jönköpings regemente

Jönköpings regemente

Infobox Military Unit
unit_name= Jönköpings regemente
(I 12)
dates= 1623–1927
country= Sweden
branch= Swedish Army
type= Infantry
size= Regiment
colors= Red and yellow
colors_label= Colours
march= "Napoleon-marsch"
battle_honours= Lützen (1632), Wittstock (1636), Malatitze (1708), Helsingborg (1710)

Jönköpings regemente (Jönköping Regiment), designation I 12, was a Swedish Army infantry regiment that traced its origins back to the 16th century. It was merged with another unit to form a new regiment in 1927. The regiment's soldiers were originally recruited from Jönköping County, and it was later garrisoned there.


The regiment has its origins in fänikor (companies) raised in Jönköping County in the 1550s and 1560s. In 1619, these units—along with fänikor from the nearby province of Östergötland—were organised by Gustav II Adolf into Östergötlands storregemente, of which eleven of the total 24 companies were recruited in Jönköping County. Östergötlands storregemente consisted of three field regiments, of which Jönköpings regemente was one. Sometime between 1623 and 1628, the grand regiment was permanently split into three smaller regiments, of which Jönköpings regemente was one.

Jönköpings regemente was one of the original 20 Swedish infantry regiments mentioned in the Swedish constitution of 1634, although it was mentioned as one of two regiments that should merge to form Smålands regemente, but that regiment was never formed and instead Jönköpings regemente and Kronobergs regemente were kept separate. The regiment's first commander was Lars Kagg. The regiment was allotted in 1684. The regiment was given the designation I 12 (12th Infantry Regiment) in a general order in 1816. Jönköpings regemente was garrisoned in Jönköping from 1909, before it was merged with Kalmar regemente to form Jönköpings-Kalmar regemente in 1927.


*The Polish War (1600–1629)
*The Thirty Years' War (1630–1648)
*The Northern Wars (1655–1661)
*The Scanian War (1674–1679)
*The Great Northern War (1700–1721)
*The Seven Years' War (1757–1762)
*The First War against Napoleon (1805–1810)
*The Finnish War (1808–1809)
*The Second War against Napoleon (1813–1814)
*The Campaign against Norway (1814)


*Överstelöjtnantens kompani
*Majorens kompani
*Norra Wedbo kompani
*Västra Härads kompani
*Wässbo kompani
*Ösbo härads kompani
*Wista härads kompani;1814(?)
*Norra Vedbo kompani
*Västra Härads kompani
*Vista kompani
*Mo kompani
*Norra Vestbo kompani
*Östbo kompani
*Södra Vestbo kompani

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