List of monasteries dissolved by Henry VIII of England

List of monasteries dissolved by Henry VIII of England

These monasteries were dissolved by Henry VIII of England in the Dissolution of the Monasteries. The list is by no means exhaustive, since over 800 religious houses existed before the Reformation, and virtually every town of any size had at least one abbey, priory, convent or friary in it, and often many small houses of monks, nuns, canons or friars.


* Bardney Abbey (Benedictine)
* Barking Abbey (Benedictine) [ [ "Houses of Benedictine nuns: Abbey of Barking", A History of the County of Essex: Volume 2 (1907), pp. 115-122] accessed: 01 May 2008]
* Basingwerk Abbey (Cistercian)
* Bath Abbey (Benedictine)
* Battle Abbey (Benedictine)
* Beaulieu Abbey (Cistercian)
* Bisham Abbey (Augustinian)
* Blackfriars, Newcastle
* Bolton Abbey (Augustinian)
* Bourne Abbey (Arrouaisian/Augustinian)
* Boxgrove Priory (Benedictine)
* Bridlington Priory (Augustinian)
* Brinkburn Priory (Augustinian)
* Buckfast Abbey (Cistercian)
* Buckland Abbey (Cistercian)
* Buildwas Abbey (Cistercian)
* Byland Abbey (Cistercian)
* St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury (Benedictine)


* Castle Acre Priory (Cluniac)
* Canons Ashby Priory (Augustinian)
* Cartmel Priory (Augustinian)
* Charterhouse London (Carthusian)
* Christchurch Priory (Augustinian)
* Cleeve Abbey (Cistercian)
* Cirencester Abbey (Augustinian)
* Colchester Abbey (Benedictine) [ [ "Houses of Benedictine monks: Abbey of Colchester", A History of the County of Essex: Volume 2 (1907), pp. 93-102] accessed: 01 May 2008]
* Coventry - St Mary's Priory "and" Cathedral (Benedictine)
* Croyland Abbey (Benedictine)


* Delapré Abbey (Cluniac Nunnery)
* Dore Abbey (Cistercian)
* Dudley Priory (Cluniac)
* Dunstable Priory (Augustinian)


* Easby Abbey (Premonstratensian)
* Ewenny Priory (Benedictine)


* Folkestone Priory (Benedictine)
* Forde Abbey (Cistercian)
* Fountains Abbey (Cistercian)
* Furness Abbey (Cistercian)


* Glastonbury Abbey (Benedictine)
* Gloucester - St Peter's Abbey (Benedictine)
* Gisborough Priory (Augustinian)


* Hailes Abbey (Cistercian)
* Halesowen Abbey (Premonstratensian)
* Haltemprice Priory (Augustinian)
* Haughmond Abbey (Augustinian)
* Haverholme Priory (Cistercian)
* Hexham Abbey (Benedictine)
* Holy Trinity Priory, Aldgate (Augustinian) [ [ "Austin canons: Priory of Holy Trinity or Christchurch, Aldgate" A History of the County of London: Volume 1: London within the Bars, Westminster and Southwark (1909), pp. 465-475] Accessed May 1, 2008]


* Jarrow Priory (Benedictine)
* Jervaulx Abbey (Cistercian)


* Kirkstall Abbey (Cistercian)


* Lacock Abbey (Augustinian)
* Lanercost Priory (Augustinian)
* Lewes Priory (Cluniac)
* Lindisfarne Priory (Benedictine)
* Llanthony Priory (Augustinian)


* Malmesbury Abbey (Benedictine)
* Malvern Priory (Benedictine)
* Margam Abbey (Cistercian)
* Mattersey Priory (Gilbertine)
* Michelham Priory (Augustinian)
* Milton Abbey (Benedictine)
* Mount Grace Priory (Carthusian)
* Much Wenlock Priory (Cluniac)


* Neath Abbey (Cistercian)
* Netley Abbey (Cistercian)
* Newark Priory (Augustinian)
* Newminster Abbey (Cistercian)
* Newstead Abbey (Augustinian)


* Pershore Abbey (Benedictine)


* Reading Abbey (Cluniac)
* Revesby Abbey (Cistercian)
* Rievaulx Abbey (Cistercian)
* Roche Abbey (Cistercian)
* Romsey Abbey (Benedictine)
* Rufford Abbey (Cistercian)
* Rushen Abbey (Cistercian)


* St Albans Abbey (Benedictine)
* St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury (Benedictine)
* St Bartholomew's Priory - Church of St Bartholomew the Great, Smithfield (Augustinian)
* St. Faith Priory (Benedictine)
* St Gregory's Priory, Canterbury (Augustinian Canons Regular)
* St Mary's Abbey, York (Benedictine)
* Sawley Abbey (Cistercian)
* Selby Abbey (Benedictine)
* Sempringham Priory (Gilbertine)
* Shap Abbey (Premonstratensian)
* Shrewsbury Abbey (Benedictine)
* Strata Florida Abbey (Cistercian)
* Stratford Langthorne Abbey (Cistercian) [ [ "Houses of Cistercian monks: Abbey of Stratford Langthorne", A History of the County of Essex: Volume 2 (1907), pp. 129-133] accessed: 30 April 2008.]
* Syon Abbey London (Bridgettine) (see also: Syon House)


* Talley Abbey (Premonstratensian)
* Tavistock Abbey (Benedictine)
* Tewkesbury Abbey (Benedictine)
* Thetford Priory (Cluniac)
* Thornton Abbey (Augustinian)
* Tintern Abbey (Cistercian)
* Titchfield Abbey (Premonstratensian)
* Tynemouth Priory (Benedictine)


* Vale Royal Abbey (Cistercian)
* Valle Crucis Abbey (Cistercian)


* Walsingham Priory (Augustinian)
* Waltham Abbey (Augustinian) - the last abbey in England to be dissolved [ [ 'Houses of Austin canons: Abbey of Waltham Holy Cross', A History of the County of Essex: Volume 2 (1907), pp. 166-172] accessed: 01 May 2008]
* Waverley Abbey (Cistercian)
* Welbeck Abbey (Premonstratensian)
* Westminster Abbey (Benedictine)
* Whitby Abbey (Benedictine)
* Woburn Abbey (Cistercian)
* Woodspring Priory (Augustinian)
* Worcester Priory (Worcester Cathedral) (Benedictine)


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