The Temple which is also called Tooppul in Kanchipuram. The Lord here is called 'Deepaprakasar' or 'Vilakoli Perumal' (One who had given light). Thayaar is worshipped as Maragathavalli Thayaar.

The temple

The temple has three tired Rajagopuram and two prakarams. The Lord here is in standing posture along with his consorts. There are shrines for Lakshmi Hayagriva, Andal, Vedanta Desika and Alwars. It is the birth place of Vedanta Desika. There is a separate shrine for Lord Hayagreeva along with Vedanta Desika. There is also a separate shrine for Vedanta Desika built by Nayina Varadachariyar who is the son of Desika. Murals depicting Vendanta Desika can be seen on the prakarams. The temple Vagana Mandapam is very huge.


The Asuras where trying to distrupt the yaga done by Lord Brahma. They made darkness to prevail the entire universe. But Lord Vishnu took the form of Deepa (light) and saved the yagna. Hence he is called 'Deepa Prakasar' or 'Vilakku Oli Perumal'(one who gave light) in Tamil.

ri Uppiliyappan Mahatyam

The Lord here will cure the ignorance which we have and will shower the blessings.


Puliyodharai (Tamarind Rice), Dhadhyonam (Curd Rice), Pongal, Chakkarai Pongal, Vada, Adhirasam, Murukku are offered to Lord as Prasadam.

Darshan, Sevas and Festivals

Vaikunta Ekadesi is celebrated with pomp and glory.


Thirumangai Alvar have composed beautiful Paasurams and it is one of the compositions in Naalayira Divya Prabandha.

Easy Paasuram to Learn(Tamil)

Paasuram - I

"Ponnai Mamaniyai Yani Yarnthathor"

"Minnai Vengata Thuchchiyir Kandupoy"

"Ennai Yaludai Yisanai Yembiran"

"Rannai Yam Sednru Kandum Than Kavile!"

Paasuram - II

"Mulaikka Thiraik Kurungudiyul Mugilai Moovaa"

"Moovulagum Kadandhappaal Mudhalaay Nindra"

"Alappariya Aaramudhai Arangam Meya"

"Andhananai Andha Nartham Sindhai Yaanai"

"Vilakkoliyai Maragathatthaith Thirutthangaavil"

"Veqhaavil Thirumaalaippaadakkettu"

"Valartthathanaal Payanperren Varuga! Endru"

"Madakkiliyaik Kaikooppi Vangi Nnaale! "

Travel and Stay

The temple is in the heart of Kanchipuram. Lot of hotels and taxis available.

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* [http://indian-heritage.org/temple/ About Thiruttanka]

External links

* [http://www.indiantemples.com/Tamilnadu/df045.html About Tooppul Temple]

* [http://www.divyadesamonline.com/hindu/temples/kanchipuram/tiruthanka-temple.asp DivyaDesam]

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