The books of Ezra and Nehemiah in the Hebrew Bible are often thought to constitute a unity. William Dumbrell notes that their common authorship is generally accepted. [William J. Dumbrell, "The Faith of Israel". 2nd ed., 2002. p. 311.] H. G. M. Williamson [H. G. M. Williamson, "Ezra, Nehemiah", Word Biblical Commentary Vol. 16 (Dallas:Word, 1985), pp. xxi - lii.] , Sara Japhet and Gary Knoppers [Gary N. Knoppers, "I Chronicles 1 - 9", Anchor Bible Commentary Vol. 12 (New York:, 2003), pp. 80 - 89.] are among many scholars who agree that Ezra-Nehemiah is a single work. The division of Ezra-Nehemiah into two parts is first found in the third century. [Gregory Goswell, "What's in a Name? Book Titles in the Latter Prophets and Writings," "Pacfica 21 (2008), 13.] In modern Hebrew Bibles, the Masoretic notes at the end of Nehemiah list the middle verse as Nehemiah 3:32, which indicates that a complete work of Ezra-Nehemiah is in view. [Goswell, 14.]


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