Zhang Xun (Three Kingdoms)

Zhang Xun (Three Kingdoms)

p=Zhāng Xūn
w=Chang Hsün

Zhang Xun (156 – 199) was a Chinese general at the time of the Three Kingdoms.


Born into a middle class family in Huainan, Zhang's shop-owning father was able to pay for his education. He studied with several scholars until he joined the local military under Yuan Shu. He started off as a foot soldier but quickly climbed through the ranks because of the prowess and bravery he showed on the battlefield.

When Yuan Shu declared himself emperor and put Huainan and Shouchun under martial law, he named Zhang to be the Grand General of his armies. A master of cavalry and tactics, Zhang Xun was assigned to crush the warlords in the provinces. He personally killed the warlords he fought by attacking them in the midst of his enemies. Impressed by Zhang Xun's victories, Yuan Shu assigned him the task of attacking Lü Bu.

According to compiled sources, Zhang Xun and Lü Bu fought in the forests around Xiapi and were deadlocked for several hours. Yuan Shu led another army to the battle and attacked the rear of Lü Bu's army, which was commanded by captain Song Xian. Lü Bu redirected his attack at Yuan Shu and threw Zhang's army into disarray. Determined to save his lord, Zhang rushed into the midst of the enemy and slew Chen Zhao (Lü Bu's infantry officer) but was quickly surrounded. He turned his horse and shouted for a retreat back to Huainan. After the battle he was demoted for his failure to maintain the assault.

After the death of Yuan Shu, his forces began to disintegrate. Zhang and others, including Yang Hong, are believed to have desired to go south and submit to Sun Ce, a former officer of Yuan Shu whom Zhang had been close friends with. Liu Xun, the prefect of Lujiang, however, desired to maintain an independent force and detained not only Zhang and Yang, but also Yuan Shu's entire orphaned family, including Yuan's son, Yuan Yao. Sun Ce quickly advanced and defeated Liu without bloodshed, and having lost possession of the Yuan family, Liu fled north to serve Cao Cao, taking Zhang Xun with him. Zhang Xun later died of illness at the age of 43.

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