Kaye (surname)

Kaye (surname)

Kaye is a surname, and may refer to:


* Carol Kaye, American electric bass player
* Florence Kaye, songwriter
* Judy Kaye, American actress and singer
* Lenny Kaye, musician
* Mary Kaye, American guitarist
* Sammy Kaye, American bandleader and songwriter
* Tony Kaye (musician), British keyboard player


* Cynthia Kaye, American model
* Wendy Kaye, American model

Television and film

* Danny Kaye, American actor and comedian
* Darwood "Waldo" Kaye, American actor and minister
* David Kaye, Canadian voice actor
* Gorden Kaye, British actor
* Ivan Kaye, British actor
* Linda Kaye, American actress
* Norman Kaye, Australian actor
* Stubby Kaye, American comic actor
* Thorsten Kaye, German actor
* Tony Kaye (director), British film director


* Frederick A. Kaye (1796-1866), fourth and sixth mayor of Louisville, Kentucky
* John Kaye, Australian academic and political candidate
* William Kaye (1813-1890), fourteenth mayor of Louisville, Kentucky


* James Kaye, British racing driver
* Matthew Kaye, American professional wrestler
* Peter Kaye, English footballer


* Sir Emmanuel Kaye, British businessman


* M. M. Kaye, British novelist
* Marilyn Kaye, American children's author
* Sheila Kaye-Smith, British novelist


* John William Kaye, British military historian
* John Lister-Kaye, British naturalist
* Judith Kaye, American judge
* Mel Kaye, programmer of legend
* Nora Kaye, American ballerina
* Otis Kaye, American artist
* Paul Kaye, British comedian

ee also

* Kay (surname)

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