Ethics in management

Ethics in management

Ethics and ethical behaviour are the essential parts of healthy management. From a management perspective, behaving ethically is an integral part of long - term career success. Wide access to information and more business opportunities than in the past makes ethics a need in modern business world.

Reasons to behave ethically

From the point of view of internal customer:

improves the atmosphere at work and helps motivating the employees

ethic behaviour of management sets a good example to the employees

evokes a sense of pride for the company and improves its image in the eyes of the employees

From the point of view of external customer:

improves the public image of the companyadds to the overall development of ethical behaviour in the society

The four levels of organizational ethics

"Social disregard": the company shows carelessness for the consequences of its actions

"Social obligation": the company does not wish to extend its activity any further than just meeting its legal responsibilities

"Social responsiveness": the company adjusts its policies according to the social conditions, demands and pressures

"Social responsibility:"the company decides to concentrate on its long - term goals for the benefit of society in general

Ethical decision - making

When making a decision in management the following criteria of ethical decision - making should be considered:

"Legality" - will the decision somehow affect the legal status?

"Fairness" - how will the decision affect those involved in it?

"Self - respect" - does the decision - maker feel good about the decision and its consequences?

"Long - term effects" - how do the predicted long - term effects relate to the above parameters?

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