Guerrilla improv

Guerrilla improv

Guerrilla improv is a form of comedy usually done in a crowd or on the streets, as opposed to in a studio or a comedy club. The term makes an analogy to guerrilla warfare.


A style of street theater pioneered and championed by Improv Everywhere, guerrilla improv aims to entertain bystanders in public spaces when they are least expecting it. Each unique performance is termed a mission. Missions are similar to pranks, but are not at the expense of non-performers.

The scenes created in guerrilla improv are developed using the techniques of improvisational theatre.

Guerrilla comedy

The idea of guerrilla comedy is to sneak up on the victim and catch them in an embarrassing moment. This is usually accomplished by acting in some socially unacceptable way, e.g., covering a microphone in feces. The idea is to create controversy and make people uncomfortable.

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