Aid to Southeast Asia

Aid to Southeast Asia

"Aid to Southeast Asia" (ASA) - humanitarian organization, providing help for the countries of Southeast Asia (mainly, Vietnam) on the people-to-people basis, aiming to strengthen world peace and respect for human rights. Established in 1989 by US veterans of the war with Vietnam to provide humanitarian aid and medical equipment and supplies to Vietnam. Based in USA.

In 1997 ASA helped to organize relief after typhoon Lynda, 1998 - presented dental equipment and 8,000 pairs of eyeglasses, 1999 - gave financial aid to HIV prevention programs.

Volunteer medical expert groups from USA often visit and help Vietnamese health facilities by efforts of ASA. The organization receives funding from the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), individual donors, some corporate funding.

In recent years, the organization supplied medical equipment, including operating tables, exam tables, operating room lights, beds, stethoscopes, syringes, mammograms, incubators and x-ray machines, which went to Ninh Binh and Ha Nam provinces of Vietnam. [ [


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