Loop Management System

Loop Management System

A Loop Management System (LMS) is a kind or a part of network management system which purpose is maximization level of local loop control. Sometimes it is referred to as local loop management (LLM) or copper loop management (CLM).


Although, local loop unbundling is a standard process for an incumbent (ILEC), there are still a list of issues to be solved on local loop management process. For a CLEC, which borrows lines from ILEC for DSL services provisioning process, a local loop is the most critical (and the most weak) point because of reduced management of this vital part of the network.
During the provisioning process, a CLEC can request its serving ILEC about a new cross-connect and by an agreement ILEC must fulfill this request. But it's almost impossible to immediately obtain a local loop quality or monitor its activity in real time. Such steps are sometimes mandatory for loop pretesting and qualification in order to validate its good (or bad) condition. Furthermore, testing and validation steps are vital in troubleshooting process.

LSM, sometimes being implemented as a part of a major network management solution, makes the local loop to be viewed as an active network element. It makes a pre-qualification process faster as well as reduces fault correction time.


A complete LMS is a junction of software and hardware components. The latter is usually a switch fabric connected both to all required lines and line equipment at either side of a line. The functionality is pretty similar to one performed by a MDF or any other distribution frame, so sometimes is referred to as "automated distribution frame" (ADF). A software component implies implementing management operations.

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* [http://www.iec.org/online/tutorials/copper/ Copper Loop Management in a Digital Environment: Migration from an Analog to a Digital Local-Loop Network]

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