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Palestine Media Watch (PMWATCH) is an organization established in October 2000 that monitors the US mainstream media's coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and mobilizes against what it deems to be anti-Palestinian or pro-Israeli bias in the coverage of the conflict. The organization focuses mainly on issuing letter-writing action calls and publishing reports analyzing coverage [ [ Commentary] on Palestine Media Watch] .

Criticism of News Coverage

The following are the types of criticism Palestine Media Watch regularly lodges against mainstream news coverage of the conflict:

* Rare mention of UN reports/findings/resolutions
* Rare mention of Human Rights reports/findings/statements
* Inconsistent and infrequent use of he terms "occupation/occupied"
* Almost exclusive use of the terms "terror/terrorist" against Palestinians
* Frequent use of the words "response/retaliation" to describe Israeli actions
* Infrequent contextualization of Palestinian actions: e.g., "Palestinians launched a mortar attack after Israelis bulldozed a row of houses" vs routine contextualization of Israeli actions: e.g., "Israelis bulldozed a row of houses after Palestinians launched a mortar attack"
* Imbalance in sourcing Palestinian officials and civilians vs. Israeli officials and civilians in favor of the Israelis
* Imbalance in depicting personal human suffering of Palestinians vs. Israelis, in favor of the Israelis

Criticism of Opinion Coverage

* Disproportionate allocation of op-ed space in favor of pro-Israel opinions.
* Wider range of acceptable and printable opinions is provided to pro-Israel writers vs pro-Palestine writers

Criticism of Editorial Coverage

* Rare mention in editorials of findings by human rights organizations
* Rare mention in editorials of United Nations resolutions/findings


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