1632 writers

1632 writers

This is a list of writers who have contributed to the books in print published in the 1632 series ("Ring of Fire series") thus far. Most are contributors to the "two anthologies series" canonically associated with the collaboratively written shared universe— either the ROF-1 books or the "The Grantville Gazettes", and collectively the larger body of work compared to the long fiction. It must be understood that sometime in 2005–2006 the short fiction in the series became the predominant text source in the canon, and most of it was written by the experienced professionals doing most of the research and hammering out likely technical developments on the web forum 1632 Tech.

This list of authors and their contributions, fact or fiction, is far from complete as of the end of May 2008. Many of the writers herein were new to the trade, submitting their first stories to the early experimental e-magazine, "The Grantville Gazettes", before it became a professional magazine. The submittal system and peer review process on the web forum Baen's Bar put into place for the Gazettes was copied for the ezine launch of Jim Baen's Universe, and both continue today.

The "experiments" were successful, as the current volumes are now being produced as a professional magazine at the rate of one issue every two months, each of them book length, and paying slightly better than industry standard rates compared to paper magazines. The Gazettes are available as ebooks or via subscription using its own dedicated website plainlinks|http://www.grantvillegazette.com/|grantvillegazette.com As of June 2008, the first four volumes of the Gazettes have been published by Baen Books in print versions as well as the e-zine and ebook. The second ROF-2 book came out in January 2008, and Baen's Bar carried an announcement in early May 2008 that submissions for a third Ring of Fire collection were being accepted.

Writers and contributions

Allen, Deann

ROF-1|s="American Past Time" by Deann Allen and Mike Turner

Bergstralh, Karen

Karen Bergstralh is a member of the 1632 Research Committee and had as her first fiction forays GG04|s="One Man’s Junk" in GG04|o and GG05|in="Of Masters And Men", both of which focused on down-timers canny adaptability to opportunities presented by knowledge brought by the Grantvilleers, but also had contributed non-fiction canonical essays on 1632-verse technology in both GG01|o and GG03|o.

GG01|Horse Power|x|, (Non-fiction essay)
GG03|"The Impact of Mechanization on German Farms"|x|, (Non-fiction)
GG04|"One Man’s Junk"
GG05|"Of Masters And Men"
GG06|"Live Free"
GG08|"Rolling On"
GG09|"Tool or Die"
GG11|"The Treasure Hunters"
GG11|"Adventures in Transportation"|x|, (Non-Fiction)
GG13|"Guilds 101|x|, (Non-Fiction)
GG16|"Duty Calls"

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Boatright, Rick

Rick Boatright is a key member of the 1632 Research Committee and runs both Eric Flint's personal website and that of www.1632.org. He has been publicly credited by Flint for providing the radio-electric and electromagnetic research upon which Flint and Weber have relied in plotting 1633 and .

GG01|"Radio in the 1632 Universe"
GG02|"So You Want To Do Telecommunications In 1633?"

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Breivik, Aamund

Aamund Breivik, grew up in the northern Norwegian countryside, north of the Arctic Circle and joined the Norwegian army as an infantry assault pioneer instead of attending rocket engineering school. Aamund consequently went to Bosnia as a peacekeeper, but eventually left the military in disgust after the great downsizing. After a spell doing odd jobs for a while, he got accepted into the Norwegian National Police Academy and is currently happy as a police officer, despite the lousy hours. He claims he has too many hobbies to really pursue any of them in any meaningful way and that his wild imagination occasionally borders on insanity so that "the fictional people in my head will sometimes force me to write stories to make them shut up."

* [cite web|url=http://www.grantvillegazette.com/authors/Aamund_Breivik|accessdate=2008-01-06 |title=Aamund_Breivik@1632
quote=See Grantville Gazette, Volume 10 at http://www.grantvillegazette.com

Boyes, Walt

ROF-1|s="A Witch to Live" by Walt Boyes

Carrico, David

David Carrico's bachelor's degree in music theoryand composition is reflected in the musical themethat runs through his fiction.See his [http://www.grantvillegazette.com/authors/David_Carrico author biography] on thepublisher's web site.

Contributions by David Carrico: 32stories|single=yes
GG03|"The Sound of Music"
GG04|"Heavy Metal Music"
GG05|"Suite For Four Hands"|x|I5(Begins continuing serial)
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Carroll, Jack

Contributions by Jack Carroll:32stories|single=yes
GG14|"Stepping Up"
GG20|"An Electrifying Experience"
Jack Carroll is a semi-retired electronics engineer with experience in industrial and medical electronics, an occasional beta tester for Debian Linux, and a U.S. Air Force Veteran (1965-1969) [http://1632.org/Bios/CarrollJack.html] [http://www.grantvillegazette.com/authors/Jack_Carroll] , In addition to writing for the Grantville Gazette, he has published several songs in the NESFA Hymnal, Volume 2 [http://www.massfilc.org/filkindex/nesfa2.xml] .

Clark, Andrew

Andrew Clark has not contributed fiction to the 1632-verse, but has written a pair of essays about chemistry and metallurgy as if written by a down-timer. [subst:Cite webGG|authors|Andrew Clark] 32stories|single=yes|why=
titleline=:"Non-fiction by Andrew Clark:"
GG02|"The Secret Book Of Zink"|x|, (Non-fiction)
GG03|"Alchemical Distillation"|x|, (Non-fiction)

Clavell, Jose

Jose Clavell broke into the 1632 series with the martial tale GG04|s="Magdeburg Marines" in GG04|o.

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Cresswell-Jones, Jonathan

:ROF-1|in="When the Chips are Down" by Jonathan Cresswell-Jones and 16writ|Scott|Washburn:ROF-2|in="Malungu Seed":"Help expand this section!"

DeMarce, Virginia

* Virginia Easley DeMarce, PhD. has had a huge involvement in the 1632 series from the earliest days of speculation about whether Eric Flint should write a sequel at all. She has a doctoral degree in history and has had a career as a specialist in Early Modern European history, specifically the 17th century. She is a board member of 1632.org, the 1632 Editorial Board and the 1632 Research Committee. Much of the diverse background characterizations of fictionalized historical characters owe her interests in genealogy and obscure source references for the depth of characterization and accurate depiction with respect to a nobleman's place in the 1800 states that were the Holy Roman Empire. ----:"NOTE: 34TRR|n is published as a novel, as the various parts and short stories within have an overarching plot, that comes together with the title novel at its end. Paula Goodlett and Eric Flint also contributed short stories to its content, as did a few other authors listed as "et al.":32stories|titleline="Series contributions published before 2007:"|ROF-1|"Biting Time"
GG01|"The Rudolstadt Colloquy"
GG03|"Pastor Kastenmayer's Revenge"
GG04|"'Til We Meet Again"
GG05|"Murphy's Law"
GG06|"The Woman Shall Not Wear That"
GG07|"Mule 'Round The World"
GG07|"Not At All The Type"|x|I (Non-fiction)

GG08|"Prince and Abbot"
x|*Credited story parts of 34TRRI (Credited as co-author [second writer*] ):
| d|34TRR|s="Motherhood and Apple Pie, While You're At It"
x|** 34TRR|s="Common Sense"
d|34TRR|s="Bypass Surgery"
x|** 34TRR|s="In the Night, All Hats are Gray"

x|** 34TRR|s="Who's Calling This Race"

x|** 34TRR|s="A Nightmare Upon the Present"

x|** co-author: 34TRR (short novel)
32stories|titleline=:"Additional accredited contributions":
x|* co-author: (first writer) |GG09|"Mail Stop"
GG10|"Franconia! Part 1"
GG11|"Pilgrimage of Grace"
GG13|"Nothing's Ever Simple"
GG13|"In genealogy, only the search matters..."|x|I (Non-fiction)
GG14|"Songs and Ballads"
ROF-2|"A Gift from the Dutchess"
ROF-2|"Second Thoughts"|x|
GG15|"The Summer of Our Discontent"
GG16|"Wedding Daze"
GG17|"Silver Age"
GG18|"Quintessentially Blonde"

Dennis, Andrew

* Andrew Dennis has written several short stories for the series including the influential ROF-1|s="Between the Armies"|i which introduces the Southern Europe Thread and the historical figure 16CHAR|s=Mazarini. Dennis has co-authored with Flint the two sequels set in the Southern Europe thread: and , and at least one more is planned in that set.

Donahue, Greg

ROF-1|s="Skeletons" by Greg Donahue

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Dorsett, Jody

* Jody Dorsett has written the short story "The three R's" in "Ring of Fire", which introduces the historical figure Comenius and a different wrinkle on religious persecutions, as well as possibly foreshadowing further events in Poland and beyond, in the anticipated Eastern European thread.

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Dennis, Andrew

The ROF-1| story ROF-1|s="Between the Armies" by Andrew Dennis sets up the plot thread|South European thread and introduces the historic figure 16CHAR|s=Mazarini, his background, the papal states and some of their politics and problems in the 17th century, and several key Grantvillers who bear large historical burdens in conveying the background history in the southern thread, Catholic priest 16char|Larry|Mazarre|s=Father Lawrence Mazarre and the Methodist minister the Reverend 16char|Simon|Jones.

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Ewing, Danita

Danita Lee Ewing's well plotted story "An Invisible War" is really a short novel and spanned the second two electronic Gazettes—though the whole was published in the hardcover release of GG02. The tale is very important as canonical background being set mostly in 1633 after Grantville has had time to settle-in a bit and can look beyond immediate survival issues. It deals with public health and integration of medical knowledge efforts during the late CPoE and early USE period—of Grantville's medical personnel meeting head-on with down-timer University practices, prejudices and a college curricula based in large part on the Classics and Theological studies. By then, the town has established the 16inst|Lahey Clinic hospital near the 16inst|Grantville High School and reaches out to the faculty of the 16inst|University of Jena, who is miffed at having been ignored so long, as they see it. Unfortunately, the only spareable medical manpower to head up a joint college of medicine are... women!32stories|GG02|"An Invisible War"|GG03|"An Invisible War"|x|
(part II*)
* Both parts published unserialized in the hardcover release GG02|o.

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Flint, Eric

* Eric Flint—Universe creator, principal author, keeper of the canon, and the Series Editor. Flint keeps total control of the universe via the resources at 1632.org and the 1632 Editorial Board process. After the death of Jim Baen, Flint created the professional rate paying [http://www.grantvillegazette.com/ ezine grantvillegazette.com]

ROF-1|"The Wallenstein Gambit"
x|I(Key Novelette)|GG01|"Portraits"
GG02|"Steps in the Dance"|GG03|"Postage Due"|x|22
34TRR|The Ram Rebellion|x|I(Eponymous short novel)
x|* I"Cook Books"i"Scrambled Eggs"I"Bacon"I"The Suhl Incident"I"Suits"

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Freer, Dave

Dave Freer is another regular science fiction writer in Baen's stable of writers and contributed ROF-1|s="A Lineman For the Country" which introduces three characters that play a role in the plot thread|Eastern European thread as one of several prequels in ROF-1|o to Flint's Novelette "The Wallenstein Gambit".

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Huff, Gorg

* Gorg Huff is a Texas citizen that has enthusiastically helped in researching the series background, written numerous stories for the Grantville Gazettes, and contributed both maps and drawings to . Gorg having begun solo, now principally writes as part of a team with Paula Goodlett. Together they began the long serialized novel length Butterflies in the Kremlin with Part 1: A Russian Noble in GG08 which begins the plot thread|Eastern European thread (As opposed to the plot thread|East-Central European thread) and have been working with the spys in Russia and the Russian spys in Grantville since in nearly every issue. As of volume 18, the Russian prince is marrying an American and the Kremlin is in crisis.32stories|manwr

GG01|"The Sewing Circle"
GG02|"God's Gifts"
GG03|"Other People's Money"
GG04|"Poor Little Rich Girls"|x| †
GG05|"Susan's Story"|x| †

34TRR|"The Birdie Tales"|x| †
:* "Birdie's Farm":* "Birdie's Village"
|GG08|"Butterflies in the Kremlin, Part 1: A Russian Noble"
: Co-authored with 16writ|Paula|Goodlett:"Help expand this section!"

Goodlett, Paula

* Paula Goodlett retired from the military as a non-commissioned officer in the early nineties, and broke her leg in 2003 which led to her browsing Baen's Bar least she become bored in her enforced inactivity. Captivated by the 1632 universe concept, she began as a replacement special assistant to Eric Flint, when his former assistant had to quit for personal reasons. She eventually wrote a large important sequence of the storyline in , wherein she invented the Ram which figures in the local revolution in a big way, though the Ram stories were mainly begun as a in-joke among the bar flies on 1632 Tech Manual. Further, as of Grantville Gazette IV, Paula was named assistant editor, and as of Issue 8, Paula was named as Editor of the Grantville Gazettes, which have come out in e-zine format or e-books with much better regularity since. She is editor for the e-books subject to review by Flint, who maintains creative control of the story lines and series canon. Paula keeps an eye on 1632 Slush, and when a story has matured, is the person who nominates it to the 1632 Editorial Board, for which she has the role of Chairman. Additionally, Paula is assistant editor of the e-zine nowrap|Jim Baen's Universe, and is in charge of the team of slush readers who screen every story sumbitted to the magazine. Paula, for her own reasons, mainly writes in tandem with 16writ|Gorg|Huff. 32stories|manwr

GG04|"Poor Little Rich Girls"|x| †
GG05|"Susan's Story"|x| †

wrap|yes|34TRR|"The Birdie Tales"|x| †
:* "Birdie's Farm":* "Birdie's Village"
: Co-authored with 16writ|Gorg|Huff

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Gottlief, Robert

Robert Gottlief is another professional attracted to the detailed neohistory and a member of the 1632 Research Committee and frequenter of the 1632 Tech Manual website.32stories|single=yes
GG01|"They've Got Bread Mold, So Why Can't They Make Penicillin?"

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Grantville Firearms Roundtable

The Firearms Roundtable, a sub-committee of the 1632 Research Committee is an officially designated group of Baen Barflies who are gun affectionatos that have advised Flint and Weber in likely possibilities and technical issues concerning developing producible firearms as the 1632 neohistory progresses given the 1632-verse 17th century tech base. The panel members sometime write in smaller groups, and sometimes as a group, albeit with some good natured disagreement (e.g. Consider the full title of GG04|s="How to build a Machine gun in 1634" which is "How to build a Machine gun in 1634 with available technology: Two alternate views").

The round table's known members are:32stories|titleline="Fact article contributions:"|GG03|"Flint's Lock"
GG04|"How to build a Machine gun in 1634"|x| i(Title shortened for convenience)
GG05|"What Replaces the SRG?"
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Hollar, Leonard

GG02|"Just One Of Those Days", by Leonard Hollar appears in GG02|o and as a gun buff and member of the 1632 Research Committee, he co-wrote the non-fictional treatise on 1632-verse firearms "Flint's Lock" with three others, Bob Hollingsworth, Tom Van Natta, and John Zeek.32stories
GG02|"Just One Of Those Days"
GG03|"Flint's Lock"|x|, (non-fiction)

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Hollingsworth, Bob

Hollingsworth is a gun buff, he co-wrote the non-fictional treatise on 1632-verse firearms "Flint's Lock" with three others on the 1632 Research Committee— Leonard Hollar, Tom Van Natta, and John Zeek.32stories
GG03|"Flint's Lock"|x|, (non-fiction)

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Hughes, Wood

Wood Hughes wrote about the Benedictine monks who became fire fighters in GG03|"Hell Fighters" in GG03|o.

Also, his story "Turn Your Radio On" serialized in GG19-24, tells the story of the development of radio technology and the growth of a Pentecostal radio revival. The Pentecostal religion shows a tendancy to thrive in conditions of displaced and hopeless economic conditions. With the strict citizenship laws of the early modern period, many displaced people will be open to a religion like the Pentecostals that offer a warm and welcoming outreach.

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Lackey, Mercedes

Mercedes Lackey is a veteran science-fiction and fantasy writer that joined the shared universe collaboration in ROF-1| and her contribution has had far reaching implications to the series canons. As creator of 16char|s=The Stone Family, she spawned two major characters the wdy|recidivist hippie Tom "Stoner" Stone and his son 16char|Frank|Stone who in part, anchor the plot thread|Southern European thread.

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Lutz, Ernest

: "Butch" Lutz was born in New Orleans, LA 11/05/1951. Retired Colonel, US Army, original branch Field Artillery, completed his career in the Finance Corps. Was in the Pentagon on 9/11. BA, History, Louisiana State University, 1975; BS, Professional Accountancy, Pennsylvania State University, 1987. Area of expertise, narrow gauge railroads used to support the armies in the field, known within the 1632 universe as TACRAIL. TACRAIL units include the 141st Railway Regiment, 617th Railway Battalion, Headquarters, US Military Railways and Railway Board, and the US Military Railway Band (The Glenn Miller USAAF Band of the Thirty Years War). The actual inspiration came from seeing 20cm tracks at an abandoned British Army fuel dump at Arsbeck, Germany in the late 1970s and seeing a working 20cm rail line at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford in 2002.

Published story: Elizabeth in GG4

some background input to several other stories

Jones, Loren

* Loren Jones wrote the poignant story "Anna's Tale" in GG01, which nearly made the cut into ROF-1, but Flint ran out of space, and instead placed the emotive but lesser emotional treatment detailing what happened in Grantville's electric power plant immediately after the ROF-1|o. 32stories
ROF-1|Power to the People
GG01|Anna's Tale

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Mackay, Kim

Born 9/10/51 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Parents were teachers. Spent early life in Carmel Valley, California. At age 10 moved to southern Peru where parents worked in schools run by SPCC, Southern Peru Copper Corporation. Lived a year in Ilo, Peru and a year in Toquepala. Moved in 1963 to San Tome, Venezuela for two years. In 1965 moved to Thessaloniki, Greece living there for three years and traveled around Europe and Middle East including Russia, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. Moved to Kabul, Afghanistan for a year in 1968 before accepting appointment to West Point.

Spent two years at West Point before leaving and moving to Fairbanks, Alaska. Graduated from University of Alaska in 1974 with a degree in Natural Resources Management. Worked four years on Trans Alaska Pipeline as a security guard, weather observer, secretary, plumber, pipefitter, and welder. Left Alaska in 1978 and moved to Eugene, Oregon. Various odd jobs there. Received teaching certificate from University of Oregon in 1987. Worked as a math teacher in Metlakatla, Alaska for three years.

In 1990 with wife Melodie and son Patrick moved to Valdez, Alaska and have worked at Valdez High School since that time.cite web
title=grantvillegazettes.com author's biography
data=Born 9/10/51 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Parents were teachers. Spent early life in Carmel Valley, California. At age 10 moved to southern Peru where parents worked in schools run by SPCC, Southern Peru Copper Corporation. Lived a year in Ilo, Peru and a year in Toquepala. Moved in 1963 to San Tome, Venezuela for two years. In 1965 moved to Thessaloniki, Greece living there for three years and traveled around Europe and Middle East including Russia, Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon. Moved to Kabul, Afghanistan for a year in 1968 before accepting appointment to West Point. Spent two years at West Point before leaving and moving to Fairbanks, Alaska. Graduated from University of Alaska in 1974 with a degree in Natural Resources Management. Worked four years on Trans Alaska Pipeline as a security guard, weather observer, secretary, plumber, pipefitter, and welder. Left Alaska in 1978 and moved to Eugene, Oregon. Various odd jobs there. Received teaching certificate from University of Oregon in 1987. Worked as a math teacher in Metlakatla, Alaska for three years.

In 1990 with wife Melodie and son Patrick moved to Valdez, Alaska and have worked at Valdez High School since that time.]

"Series short story contributions:"
* (fact)

Musch, Eva

Eva Musch wrote the tale GG03|in="If the Demons Will Sleep".

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Offord, Kerryn Andrew

Kerryn Offord is a member of the 1632 Research Committee, and like 16writ|Karen|Berstralh had his first fiction GG04|s="The Class of ’34" published in GG04|o.

Co-authored some parts of the book The Ram Rebellion

GG04|"The Class of ’34"
GG05|"The Grantville Brickmaker's Primer"
GG08|"The Doctor Gribbleflotz Chronicles.2C Part 3: Doctor Phil.27s Distraction"
GG14|"Sure Thing"

Kerryn Offord is a university postgaduate student/researcher, residing in New Zealand. He has established himsxelf as prolific writer in the 1632 series. additionally, he is an active participant in 1632 online conference on Tech and of Slush Commentary. His occasional "kiwiisms" add an ingredient to manuscript readings and conference talks.

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Pedersen, Anette M.

32stories|ROF-1|"Family Faith"
GG16|"Tell Me What You Eat, and I'll Tell You Who You Are"|x|I(Non-fiction fact essay)

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Racciato, Chris

GG05|s="Burmashave" by Chris Racciato...

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Runkle, Laura

Laura Runkle...

GG02|"Mente Et Malleo : Practical Mineralogy And Minerals Exploration In 1632"

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akalaucks, Herbert and William

* Herbert and William Sakalaucks - Having jumped into the Gazettes with "Galloping Goose", they currently have two other stories on the burner. Goose is available for e-reading in "Grantville Gazette XVI".

pehar, Mike

* Mike Spehar — has yet to make an appearance as a co-writer or in short print published fiction, but is supposed to write a book with Flint set in the Eastern Europe thread, a direct sequel to "The Wallenstein Gambit" and "" (published October 1st, 2007) called 35SoB (former working title "1635: The King of Bohemia") in various chat mentions). [cite web
url=http://blogcritics.org/archives/2005/05/04/020414.php|title=A Chat with Eric Flint
quote=Finally, I have a contract to do what amounts to a sequel to my short novel "The Wallenstein Gambit" (which appeared in "Ring of Fire"). The title of it is 35SoB, and I'm co-authoring it with Mike Spehar.|date=blog Published May 04, 2005
] However, Flint has credited him with writing the first drafts of several chapters in "1633" and "" dealing with flying matters. He has a story called "Collateral Damage" in the delayed "Grantville Gazette IV", which is available for e-reading, detailing an air raid on Paris to send a message from Mike Stearns direct to Cardinal Richelieu about what he thinks of the League of Ostend.

: Spehar was tuckerized in "The Bavarian Crisis", as an (offstage) minor French diplomat, "who rejoiced in the rather excessive name Michel l'Esclavon, duc d'Espehar, marquis de Choses-sans-Valuer, vicomte de Lavion, seigneur de l'Haleur, chevalier Sanscourage de Contre-Ours". ["", p. 663. ]

Toro, Enrico

Enrico M. Toro contributed the serialized Euterpe stories to various Gazettes, as well as non-fiction.

GG02|"A Quick and Dirty Treatise on Historical Fencing"
x|, (Non-fiction)
GG01|""Euterpe"|GG01x|, Episode 1
GG02|""Euterpe"|x|, Episode 2
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Turner, Francis

Francis Turner is evidently very well educated and quite brainy for he wrote both GG03|"Hobson’s Choice" in {GG03|o, which is set in a college at Oxford, England and has a plot which turns on some fairly intricate relationships that are quite erudite and involve the several languages of learning of the day. The essay in GG06|o considers the difficulties down-timers will encounter attempting to translate written materials obtained from Grantville. To give you one of the least erudite (and humorous, of which there are a fair number) examples, she writes: cquote|i5A more complex example of a phrase that we take for granted is that "something is the last straw" (see below for where I used it). This phrase "the last straw" is an excellent example of a phrase that will be utterly incomprehensible to a down-timer. In seventeenth- century English there was an expression "'Tis the last feather that breaks the horse's back" which has since dropped out of use, replaced by "The straw that broke the camel's back" once the latter was coined by Charles Dickens. i5Dickens' expression has then been then shortened because everyone knows about the camel to being just "the last straw." A seventeenth-century "native English speaker" might be sufficiently smart to figure out that where they talked about the last feather, twentieth-century English talked about the last straw but I'd be surprised. A seventeenth-century nonnative English speaker is going to look at the phrase, understand every word, and still have no idea what it refers to. Indeed it is quite possible that such a speaker, if he knows about shoemaking will wonder if "last straw" is straw for making "lasts" (i.e. molds of people's feet) and wonder why twentieth-century Americans used straw when in the seventeenth century they use wood.

32stories| GG03|"Hobson’s Choice"
GG06|"Exegesis and Interpretation of Up-timer Printed Matter"|x| (Non-fiction essay)
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Turner, Mike

ROF-1|s="American Past Time" by Deann Allen and Mike Turner

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Van Natta, Tom

Tom Van Natta's first tale is set immediately after the ROF-1|o and deals with outlaws, guns and the mental health and adjustments of an cantankerous Vietnam Veteran, 16char|Paul|Santee and the maturation of 16char|Eddie|Cantrell. Van Natta is a gun buff and a member of the 1632 Research Committee for which he co-wrote the non-fictional treatise on 1632-verse firearms "Flint's Lock" with three others, Leonard Hollar, Bob Hollingsworth, and John Zeek.32stories
GG01|"Curio and Relic"
GG03|"Flint's Lock"
x|, (non-fiction)
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Viehl, S. L.

ROF-1|s="A Matter of Consultation" by veteran science fiction S. L. Viehl expands on the character 16char|Sharon|Nichols created by Flint, who becomes one of the lead characters in both 1633 and the plot thread|South European thread's two novels, and . In "A Matter of Consultation" Viehl also introduces the nurse 16char|Ann|Jefferson whom Flint makes into a American poster girl of sorts in his purpose written short stories in each of the Grantville Gazettes GG01|s="Portraits"|p=I, GG02|s="Steps in the Dance"|p=II and GG03|s="Postage Due"|p=III where she is caught up in the 16batl|siege of Amsterdam and ends up as the subject of many famous down-time artists starting with 16CHAR|Peter Paul|Rubens [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Paul_Rubens] and including Rembrandt, who is a virtual unknown at the time. Viehl has Nichol's and Jefferson face off against Dr. William Harvey, the "discoverer" of the circulatory system, and the two nurses "give him some pointers", including a dressing down. Concurrently, Anne Jefferson meets her future husband, diplomat and mathematician 16CHAR|Adam|Olearius [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Olearius] .

Washburn, Scott

ROF-1|"When the Chips are Down" with Jonathan Cresswell

Weber, Christopher James

Christopher James Weber is the older brother of 16writ|David|Weber and contributed the story GG02|s="The Company Men" in GG02|o.

Weber, David

* David Weber — plot thread|Central European thread|p=Main thread co-author, and big name listed as first author of the first novel sequel, 1633, for early marketing expansion since he has a large following from his various best sellers. At the time, Flint had won honors and was a relatively new writer at Baen's and still building a following, having only published three or four works at that juncture (2000). Weber's contribution were to the writing and research of the main plot line thread, and the #expr:2007-2002 delay in the publication of the long awaited sequel (May 2007), which is really the second half of the already large 1633 book as outlined by Flint was due to the inability of the two busy authors to synchronize schedules earlier (despite two tries which failed for one reason or another) than they achieved. John Ringo has experienced similar scheduling issues with the contracted for sequels of the Empire of Man series between he and Weber. 2This delayed the series as a whole and required holding up several dependent sequels, and "stepping-carefully-around-issues" in other main books published sooner in the series. Consequently, similar scheduling concerns have the last three of the novels he's contracted for rethought to become a new plot thread, a "naval sequence" in Flint's words, which will not impact the scheduling of subsequent (continental) books settings and plot lines of the series. This may involve Flint's announced return to the British Isles with 16char|Alex and Julie|Mackay as the chief protagonists, along with 16CHAR|Oliver|Cromwell.

: An important story, establishes cannon for Naval activities and rehabilitates John Chandler Simpson, who'd been demonized by Flint in 1632.

Wentworth, K. D.

:K. D. Wentworth is a professional science fiction and fantasy writer whose ROF-1|s="Here Comes Santa Claus" together with 16writ|Andrew|Dennis's ROF-1|s="A lineman for the Country" sets the table for Flint's novelette ROF-1|s="The Wallenstein Gambit". The three together begin the plot thread|s=Eastern European thread, which will see its first (long delayed by ) novel 35SoB by mid-2008.

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Zeek, John

John Zeek wrote about the darker side of society in "Bottom-Feeders" (GG04|o) and is co-author of "Elizabeth" in GG04|o. John Zeek is also a gun buff and a member of the 1632 Research Committee; he co-wrote the non-fictional treatise on 1632-verse firearms "Flint's Lock" with three others, Leonard Hollar, Bob Hollingsworth, and Tom Van Natta.

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