East Anglian English

East Anglian English

East Anglian English is a dialect of English spoken in East Anglia. This easternmost area of England was probably home to the first-ever form of language which can be called English. East Anglian English has had a very considerable input into the formation of Standard English, and contributed importantly to the development of American English and (to a lesser extent) Southern Hemisphere EnglishesFact|date=March 2007; it has also experienced multilingualism on a remarkable scale. However, it has received little attention from linguistic scholars over the years.

East Anglian English contains
* Norfolk dialect (Broad Norfolk)
* Suffolk dialect
* Cambridgeshire dialect

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*List of dialects of the English language

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* [http://www.bl.uk/soundsfamiliar Sounds Familiar?] ndash Listen to examples of regional accents and dialects from across the UK on the British Library's 'Sounds Familiar' website

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