Inabe, Mie

Inabe, Mie

nihongo|Inabe|いなべ市|Inabe-shi, is a city located in the northernmost tip of Mie Prefecture in Japan, and touches Gifu Prefecture and Shiga Prefecture. The Inabe River flows through the city center.

Area : 219.58 km².

Number of households : 14,111 households.

Total population : 45,460 persons.

City office location : 111, Shinden, Kasada, Inabe-shi, Mie, 511-0293.

Mie neighbors the following adjoining self-governing bodies :
*Mie Prefecture: Yokkaichi-shi, Toin-cho, Inabe-gun, Komono-cho, Kuwana-shi.
*Gifu Prefecture: Kaizu-gun, Yoro-cho, Kamiishizu-cho 
*Shiga Prefecture: Taga-cho, Eigenji-cho, Kanzaki-gun


Railroad route

*Sangi Railroad
**Line Sangi : Umetoi station - Daian station - Sanri station - Nyukawa station - Ise Haruta station - Higashi Fujiwara station - Nishi Nojiri station - Nishi Fujiwara station
**Line Hokusei : Oizumi station - Sohara station - Kami Kaseda station - Ouda station - Ageki station


*General national road
**Road306, Road365, Road421

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