ATSC-M/H is a future standard currently (as of 2008) under consideration, to allow ATSC digital television broadcast signals to be received by mobile devices. [ [ ATSC to Develop Standard for Mobile and Handheld Services] ]

While DVB-H and 1seg were built-in to their respective standards, ATSC was never designed to serve mobile TV viewers. In particular, the proprietary 8VSB modulation used causes problems with multipath radio interference even in stationary receivers. It also lacks hierarchical modulation, which in DVB allows higher screen resolutions to be received as low-definition still suitable for handheld devices, in marginal signal conditions such as mobile reception, or at the edge of a TV station's broadcast range.

Ten systems were proposed, and two systems have been considered. MPH (an acronym for [mobile] /pedestrian/handheld, and miles per hour), was developed by LG Electronics and Harris Broadcast. (Zenith, a subsidiary of LG, developed much of the original ATSC system.) A-VSB (Advanced-VSB) was developed by Samsung and Rohde & Schwarz. Both systems require stations to use their limited bitrates to duplicate programming, once for existing viewers and once for mobile viewers.

While MediaFLO has become available in parts of the U.S., it is a completely closed and proprietary system, locked to a mobile phone and its mobile phone company, even though the signal is separate and does not use the cellular network. ATSC-M/H would be free to air, like regular broadcast signals are. However, ATSC places a greater burden on the receiving device than either MediaFLO or the open standard DVB-H, which is also in use in the U.S.

As of July 2008, it has been decided that ATSC-M/H will be a hybrid, consisting mainly of MPH and partly of A-VSB. [] It does not appear that E-VSB, approved in 2004, will be included.


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