Argentine passport

Argentine passport

Argentine passports are issued to Argentine citizens to travel outside of Argentina. For traveling in Mercosur countries, Argentine citizens may use their ID card. Also for travelling in Bolivia, Chile and Venezuela, passport is not needed.

The passport must be taken on any office of the Policía Federal Argentina. For those living in Buenos Aires, waiting time is around two months. For those living in other cities, waiting is between three and eight months.

Argentine passports have traditionally had leather covers.

Pictured front cover illustrates the recently introduced passports with the ´MERCOSUR´ legend.

Visa-free and Visa-on-arrival (VOA) travel

According to a study done by Henley & Partners, Argentina has a Henley Visa Restrictions Index of 101, which means that Argentine citizens enjoy visa-free access to 101 countries and territories for short-term tourism visits. Argentina is ranked 19th in the study in terms of international travel freedom.




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